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  • Essay On Assisted Living

    one time or another we may all be in a place where we will be looking for an Assisted Living Facility. Whether it’s for parents, grandparents, a spouse, or loved one, one will want to know which type of facility will be best. Making an informed decision based on research, investigation and costs will help people make an informed decision about which Assisted Living Facility is right for them. An Assisted Living Facility is defined as a place where older people that do not need to live in nursing homes go to live that need some sort of care. These individuals are still independent and self-sufficient but need some sort of care assistance. It a place they can call home and live comfortably. Couples may move in together in a small apartment and enjoy the comforts of not having to worry about everyday stresses as mowing the lawn all the way down to driving to the store if that is the services they need. High-end Assisted Living Facilities may provide shuttle services, hairdressers, comprehensive exercise facilities--often with a full-time activity director—and monthly visits from nurse practitioners or medical…

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  • Assisted Living

    Ohio Centers for Assisted Living (OCAL) is a state-wide organization aimed at helping the geriatric population of Ohio. OCAL was one of the first organizations in Ohio for assisted living and they are still growing today. OCAL strives to ensure that senior citizens of Ohio have access to quality assistive living services available and that those citizens have the means to acquire them. Their mission statement is as follows, “Assisted living is one of the fastest growing sectors of the long-term…

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  • Sunnyside Assisted Living: Case Study

    SunnySide Assisted Living is a newly opened assisted living facility that offers a wide range of services and activities. SunnySide Assisted Living is designed to allow elderly individuals to enjoy retirement while maintaining their independence. Retirement should be enjoyed, not spent doing household chores. This assisted living facility is designed for elderly individuals who are both completely independent and/or individuals who need personal assistance with daily activities. The physical…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life Enhancing Activities

    Life-enhancing activities for our senior living residents are offered every day, many of which are designed for groups in order to bring everyone together to share their lives in an active way. I have been a part of this portion because I volunteered with Lupe for my hours in the activities room. She has a big calendar hanged up in the hall for the residents to see and I think that is great to let them know what is going on that day. They have trips to like Dollar Tree, Walmart and restaurants.…

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  • Case Study: Wyckoff Wound Clinic

    Axis1: Adjustment disorder with anxiety. CM observed that client lately is talking about action was prescribed. Client was referred to go to Woodhull Hospital for Individual Mental Health Counseling. SUBSTANCE UPDATE: Client continues to reports no substance of mental history. REVIEW ILP AND CLIENT RIGHT AND CLIENT CODE OF CONDUCTE: CM reiterates the shelter rule and regulation and for the client to adhere to the 10pm curfew. HOUSING UPATES; Client is undocumented and reported at the present…

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  • Reflective Essay: Why I Give Back To My Community

    I have opted to donate some of my time to give back to my community that I live in. In Mt. Zion Illinois, lays an assisted living facility known as the “Glenwood.” When I went into their office to ask them if it was permissible for me to do volunteer work, they made me aware that this is an organization is a for profit organization. That means all the employees are getting paid to do all of the work that they do, and the price to live here is going to be more expensive for the residents due to…

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  • Osteoarthritis Case Study

    Many patients in assisted living facilities are in their late seventies to eighties. At this age, several life changes often begin to occur, for example, loss of friends and loved ones, and also health problems begin to arise. Depending on the facility the resident is in, services may be available to help with the grieving and support process. Assisted living facilities also provide nursing care to assist the patients depending on what their medical history is. The spectrum of care that…

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  • St Paul's Interview Report

    supporting her kids in their sports. She discussed how her children’s friends would be over her house because it was the place to gather. Martha enjoys home cooked meals especially pies, desserts, and other baked goods, she laughed saying “even though I’m not supposed to eat those.” She enjoys classical, country western and gospel. She looks forward to and values spending time with her family who comes to visit her on holidays and birthdays. She stated that feels good physically and…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience In Nursing

    skilled professionals at St. Joseph 's Bluffs Nursing Home in Jefferson City, Missouri, and I am so thankful and appreciative for the outstanding care the staff provided. I am also deeply grateful for the spiritual care and guidance given by Chaplain Mueller as well. My grandmother´s battle with Parkinson’s Disease was not easy, and the care and attention required was demanding. I have a newfound appreciation for those who work in this capacity and will always remember this particular nursing…

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  • Active Aging Research Paper

    White Paper on the Power of Active Aging While aging is accompanied by its share of challenges, seniors who remain active are apt to benefit in a wide range of ways. Active aging can help seniors to improve physical wellbeing, but it also helps to improve mental acuity and stability. Seniors who engage in an active, healthy lifestyle may find that they are more socially active, as well. This white paper serves to illustrate the ways in which seniors may benefit from living an active lifestyle.…

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