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  • Comparing Math In Relation To Harmonics And Tonal Color Of Instruments

     Musical Notes Can Count Jerri Pineda Abstract— The development of mathematics involves early connections with music and the basic physics of sound. Mathematics is present in the natural occurrence of the ratios and intervals found in music and modern tuning systems. As people age, their hearing becomes dull and require change in the music ratio and interval to hear the same tune as when young. In like manner, the interval increases until a perfect pitch is heard. In this paper we will examine both the mathematics and music background for these ideas. We will examine the Fourier series representations of sound waves. Furthermore, we will see how they relate to harmonics and tonal color of instruments. The goal in this paper is aimed at exploring…

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  • Constant Stimuli Experiment

    To begin the Constant Stimuli experiment, the lab recruited three subjects including two undergraduate students from the UCI Psychology department subject pool and the author, to finish the tests. All subjects were randomly distributed for gender but most of them were aged from 19 to 21. The subjects, included the author, can be considered naïve because none of them had done similar experiments before. All subjects were informed by the researcher about the purpose of the experiment and they held…

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  • Reflection Paper: Pull The Next One Up

    it, beside them. By showing my students that I struggle to get started, or get stuck, or even make spelling or grammar mistakes when I am drafting a paper (gasp), it puts the teacher on a more even playing field with the students, making them feel more comfortable, that taking risks in my classroom is expected. Sharing something one has written can put even the most confident adults in a state of vulnerability. I make sure that I always do what I am asking my students to do, putting me in the…

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  • The Pretentious Young Ladies Analysis

    the first play, ‘The Pretentious Young Ladies’, a stunning performance by P.M. Williams in the role of ‘La Grange’ overshadowed quite wonderful acts of others. The character’s charming behavior had me believe in his quest to romanticize with one of the pretentious young ladies in the play. The projection of his voice was good enough for the audience, but it is in his vocal variety and his articulation, that he shines. Every words were uttered by him quite clearly, and his variations in pitch of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love For Soccer

    What once was a mere burning match, weak and fragile, has grown into a magnificent wildfire, capable of engulfing the entire planet itself in its flames. Passion. For anything imaginable, those with it can shine far brighter than any other. I’ve always envied those with something they could cling to and call their passion, never having it myself. After years of searching, it appeared. It had been by me all my life. Yet, only some time ago did I reach out to it, lighting a flame of passion inside…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Women's Soccer Team

    I am a native of Ethiopia. The environment I lived in was pessimistic. I grew up holding back on my dreams and not being the best I can be. As I progressed in school, I was always told that I could not make it and that I was weak. Girls do not have that much value in my society; therefore, I was told I had no power and I could not achieve what I sought. I went to a predominately male school. My school had ample opportunities for the majority of the students, but not for me since I am a girl. I…

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  • Narrative Essay Soccer

    One of the great things about soccer is that it is not a school-sanctioned sport. To me this said that I could play another season of soccer with my friends from Socastee and Waccamaw without the normal High School rivalry between these schools. Year after year, the schools pulled pranks on each other, sometimes nothing big, but sometimes something big. I remember my freshman year, when a few guys I knew went over to Socastee and painted their skylight in their commons. When the sun shined into…

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  • Analysis Of The Richest Celebrities: Lionel Messi

    Celebrities-Lionel Messi Lionel Andres ‘Leo’ Messi was born on 24th June 1987. He is an Argentine football player and plays for Spanish club Barcelona and is highly paid richest celebrities. He plays for Argentina national team. He also has a Spanish citizenship, which means he can play as an EU player. People usually say that he is the world’s best foot ball player. Messi received FIFA world player of the year at the age of 22 and several Ballon d’Or. Messi learned football by Furkan Kara- who…

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  • Personal Narrative-Smack In The Face

    Smack in the Face Imagine you were on a mission trip. The group you were with got done with the first job you had to to then you went to a boys and girls club, and a kid ask you to go to the gym and play game with him. So you play with him and you throw a ball at one of your friends as hard as you can, miss miserably and hit a kid in the face. I went on a mission trip up to Duluth Minnesota with Carl Kruse, Dillion Bathke, Connor Jurens, Seth Sproke, Cole Riemersma, and a few others. It was…

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  • Lesson Plan For Soccer

    Lesson Plan 1 Tight Dribbling Level one: single tight dribble, SLOW and controlled. Dribble down the line of cones then picks ball up and return to the line. Level two: single tight dribble, quick and controlled. Dribble down the line of cones as quickly as you can still keeping your ball under control. At the end of the line of cones pick ball up, return to the line. Level three tight dribble with an opponent; dribble down with control, another student will meet you in the middle and try…

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