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  • Case Study: Bukowski V. Clarkson University

    highest New York state court. This case involved the plaintiff, Shawn Bukowski, suing his school on the grounds of negligence by the defendant (Lippman, 2012). Shawn Bukowski was a pitcher for the baseball team at Clarkson University, where, during an indoor practice, was hit by a line drive in the jaw and sustained an injury. Bukowski felt that Clarkson University and their baseball coach had acted negligently and put him in unreasonable risk of harm, because there were conditions on the field that enhanced his risk to sustaining this type of injury (Lippman, 2012). This lawsuit was dismissed on grounds of assumption of risk in…

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  • Life As An Expert Pitcher

    I think of life as an expert pitcher. It knows exactly what to pitch and throw you perfectly off guard. People who say life isn’t full of surprises are liars. While we may be able to predict the fastballs in our life like how we’ll go to high school and then college, or maybe visit a foreign country, there are always curveballs, sliders, forkballs, and changups. These things we cannot predict like the death of a loved one, a friend struggling with depression, a break up that you could’ve never…

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  • Personal Narrative-Ballball

    headed for third base. The game begins and I can tell for the start the game wasn't going to go well. “Ball ball ball” an outfielder calls as a ball flies over her head. Another player has a ball roll between her legs. Our pitcher hadn't been pitching the best of games at this point in her life and nothing had changed for this game. All the team tried our best to be encouraging although we were down a lot. Half way through the game Coach calls out “time Blue”. He marches out on the…

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  • Precision Of Pitching Essay

    baseball, the pitcher is one of the most vital players on the team. He must follow a precise sequence of steps to throw the pitch the way he had intended to. The best way for a pitcher to throw hard and throw strikes is to choose the proper stance and pitch, execute the pitch, and follow through into an athletic fielding position. Before the pitcher steps on the mound, he must first decide what type of stance he needs to be in. If there is a runner on base, he will be in the stretch so he will…

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  • Tommy John Surgery: A Mistake In Professional Sports

    As technology advances all around the world, baseball pitchers are exposed to new ways to throw the baseball at high velocities. This is causing baseball to become a lot more competitive. Players are often playing baseball year round instead of participating in other sports. This year round throwing and arm fatigue is putting more stress on pitchers’ elbows than ever before. This is part of the reason why the number of UCL Reconstructions, commonly know as Tommy John Surgery, is on the rise and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Game Of Failure

    In a game of failure, it’s only expected that failure would be around each corner. Every pitcher has a bad start, from Clayton Kershaw to a pitcher trying to make a level three team, I have found myself in this exact situation several times. At Lakewood High School around midsummer I was scheduled to pitch against one of the best teams we would see all season. This was Team Colorado. Not only was each pitch laboured but my arm was sore and my legs were weak. From the time I began my warm-up in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Game

    It was the second game of the night. We had won the first game. They had a slow pitcher who was easy to get runs off which is basically why we won. But this was a new game. We were facing the Dallas Raiders which were very good. We started the game batting because we were the away team. The Raiders defence took the field. Their pitcher picked up the ball and started to warm up on the mound. After he threw the first pitch, my stomach dropped. He was throwing fast. My coach being the way he is,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Game

    “Alright now Skin, I need you to be my leadoff here and get a rally going!” I do not respond, because I obviously know how important this one at bat is for the team and for myself. One thing coach loves doing, making sure I know how much I am accountable for. There is no comment to explain to me of how dependent I am on these upcoming moments for the team, so don’t make it any worse. To start off and to have the power to set the tone of the whole inning. I have never studied on another human…

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  • Reflection Paper: Pull The Next One Up

    Growing up I played competitive softball, so my family’s summers were spent driving to ball fields around the United States while I played in tournament after tournament. Playing first base, I always admired the position at the center of the field, the pitcher. It seemed that games could be won and lost based solely on that position. I both craved and shied away from the pressure. As I reflect on my softball days, it seems that the relationship between pitcher and catcher was the single most…

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  • Second Game Narrative

    Our team had just finished the second game of the day in Cooperstown NY. We had already lost a game and we had to win the next game to move on. I was pitching this next game. I was prepared and then went to warm up. “10 minutes to game time!” the umpire yelled. We were the visitors team which meant we hit first. Everybody on my team was ready to play when the game finally started. The top of our line up went up to bat. We scored two runs in the first inning and then it was time for me to start…

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