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  • Vonnegut's Narrative Techniques In Slaughterhouse Five

    Vonnegut follows Billy Pilgrim, a man whose mind has become “unstuck” due to the horrors of war. The semi-autobiographical novel spirals through Billy’s life, creating a dizzying and broad narrative touching on the countless unnamed people through arbitrarily linked segments. A major aspect of the novel is the trauma Billy experiences throughout the war, conveying Vonnegut’s own suffering and allowing the audience to empathise with both. Vonnegut explores the manner in which experiences in war warp Billy’s emotional responses to people and events around him, as he is unable to empathise with others long after the war is over. He ultimately condemns this, and encourages the audience to disapprove of his apathy, instead encouraging the reader to pity Billy for the suffering he has experienced. Billy constantly travels in time throughout Slaughterhouse-5, broadening the narrative structure and presenting the manner in which the trauma of war affects all aspects of his life. He drifts through war, and then through life listlessly, feeling he has no power to change anything. This is reflected in the structure of the novel, as it winds randomly through stages of Billy’s life, always being pervaded by Billy’s recollections of the war, even as he grows old. This is seen also in the repetition of “nestled like spoons”, both when he and other POWs huddle for warmth in train carriages and then again on his honeymoon. This allows the audience to see and empathise with the manner in…

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  • No Pity Summary

    first to admit that I don’t enjoy reading. Fair to say I was forced to read No Pity, but in all honesty, I really enjoyed and appreciated it. The awareness gained from this book, and the class, I’ll carry it for as long as I live. No Pity focused between the 1950’s and early 90’s. The book gives you an interesting look at the personalities and process leading to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the early 90’s. Shapiro brings to light some major hurtles people with…

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  • An Analysis Of Sullied Flesh In Hamlet

    into this soliloquy about what he is feeling. Hamlet, a 17 year old boy, is easily consumed by his emotions and does not hesitate to share them throughout the course of the play. Hamlet first expresses his rage by cursing himself and “the everlasting,” otherwise known as God, for deeming suicide a sin. Hamlet is overcome with pity for himself at this point, for good reason. As an actor, I would portray this scene first by looking down at myself in disgust. Making sure to touch my skin as if it…

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  • The Pity Of War Summary

    A Review of the Pity of War by Niall Ferguson World War I (Originally coined the “Great War”) took place between 1914 and 1918. The fundamental causes of World War I, more than one hundred years later, are still actively debated by historians. In Niall Ferguson’s “The Pity of War”, Ferguson dives deep into the causes of World War I and takes on three major objectives throughout his book: He attempts to explain the origins of World War I, discredit any myths debated during the war, and explains…

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  • Pity Of War Poetry Analysis

    How does Wilfred Owen’s representation of the experiences of individuals contribute to his wider concerns about the “Pity of War”? In your response, make detailed reference to “Futility and one other of Wilfred Owen’s poems set for study. Wilfred Owen’s poetry set during World War 1 illiterates a wider concerns of the experiences of individuals contributing the the “Pity of War”. Wilfred Owen is critical of the unworthy treatment of soldiers and the ramifications of this behaviour along with…

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  • Tis Pity She's A Whore

    Is Incest the Worse Thing in ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore? In many ways, John Ford’s, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore is a straightforward play. Giovanni and Annabella, brother and sister fall in love with each other and have an incestuous relationship. Incestuous relationships are one thing that has stayed taboo for many generations. Everyone in the story tells the protagonist that it is wrong. This play is often compared to “Romeo and Juliet” by Williams Shakespeare, because of the star crossed love.…

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  • Tis Pity She's A Whore Analysis

    John Ford’s play, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore, deals with matters of adultery, corruption, incest, murder and revenge. Whilst these behaviours make for a sensationalist play, they also convey an underlying commentary on the ideals of womanly behaviour, marriage and adherence church law. During the Renaissance, incest or near incest was common among dynastic families to ensure bloodline purity. Widely practised in royal and wealthy circles, the Church did not condone such behaviour and considered it…

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  • Pity In Dante's Inferno Essay

    multiple instances of pity and its consequences throughout the book and through Virgil’s guidance. In this essay, I will discuss pity’s role within the Inferno and how it is proven to be a sign of impiety. Pitying the sinful never has positive consequences and surprisingly turns the person pitying the damned into a sinner themselves as they are restricting themselves from growing and learning from the sinners’ mistakes. Pity is a complicated concept. On the one hand, it can be redeeming and…

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  • Emotions Of Pity And Fear Analysis

    Aristotle maintains the certainty that plot is the most important part of any poem and creates the backbone from which the other pieces of the poem come together. As with all things that arise, there are natural critics to poetry, and Pope describes this in his essay, An Essay on Criticism. After reading the Tragedy and the Emotions of Pity and Fear and An Essay on Criticism, it is easily discernable what important roles poetry has on the community and how different people perceive and use…

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  • Analysis Of No Pity By Joseph P. Shapiro

    utilize chapter 2 in No Pity by Joseph P. Shapiro to showcase some of the changes that have been occuring…

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