Pity Of War Poetry Analysis

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How does Wilfred Owen’s representation of the experiences of individuals contribute to his wider concerns about the “Pity of War”?
In your response, make detailed reference to “Futility and one other of Wilfred Owen’s poems set for study.

Wilfred Owen’s poetry set during World War 1 illiterates a wider concerns of the experiences of individuals contributing the the “Pity of War”. Wilfred Owen is critical of the unworthy treatment of soldiers and the ramifications of this behaviour along with the pointlessness of War. Owen portrays the torment of soldiers that are they are forced to endure and is critical of the harsh conditions and experiences encountered. Owen applies a number of literary techniques including graphic imagery and irony to
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Dulce Et Decorum Est’, an ironic poem that emphasises the dehumanising and horrendous circumstances experienced by the fighting men. Owen explains the suffrage and pain associated with the men who are ‘drunk with fatigue’, implying that the men are mentally and physically exhausted as well as shocked by the gas attack resulting from their extreme fatigue. Also resulting from the exhaustion it becomes extremely evident the Owen convinces the reader to agree with ‘the pity of war’. The pity of war due to the circumstances and the surroundings, being unaware of their surroundings of being ‘deaf even to the hoots of gas shells dropping softly behind’. Sympathy is evoked by Owen through the use of graphic imagery depicting a soldier’s suffering from the gas attack, coughing ‘blood from froth corrupted lungs’. Owen draws the reader into the suffering of the soldier whose ‘eyes are withering in his face’. These images assist the reader to appreciate the suffering and the pain inflicted on the soldiers during war. The images expose the ironic nature of Owen’s poetry especially through ‘Futility”, the pointlessness of war and ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ being fitting and Glorious to die for your Country. Which makes the reader comprehend how incorrect the stereotype image of war being glorious is and the pity of war represented by Owen is contributed by the experiences of

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