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  • Differences Between Cryptography And Steganography

    1.1 Overview Cryptography is the science/practice of “writing in secret” (“crypto”= “secret, “graphy” = “writing”). Cryptographic functions are generally defined as algorithms or protocols, rules that govern how data is processed to turn plaintext (unencrypted data) into cipher text (encrypted data) [1]. Cryptography is a method of storing and transmitting data in a form that only those it is intended for can read and process. It is considered a science of protecting information by encoding it into an unreadable format. Cryptography is an effective way of protecting sensitive information as it is stored on media or transmitted through untrusted network communication paths. One of the goals of cryptography, and the mechanisms that…

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  • Data Insecurity

    Data insecurity Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) believes that the data is less secured when it is in use. There are different views of every organization. This is because every entity has its own experience and its opinion is based over it. The account might be high jacked, or there might be data breaches, or it is possible that it might be an inside job. The management or the owner is the first person who is responsible in case of any illegal activity. It is crucial to determine the reason of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Mass Surveillance

    The government thinks that digital things can be made so only they can access, but “When you build a fence around your house to keep out intruders you don’t leave a big hole in the fence for easy access to the police” ("Billions at stake"). The government is parasitically taking our privacy and always trying to take more from the people justifying that it is all in the name of national security. Mass surveillance is already put in place and now they want to ban encryption. The government 's…

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  • Blockchain Essay

    Chapter 1 what is Blockchain? Basically, Blockchain is a system created essentially for the running of cryptocurrencies. Wikipedia defines a cryptocurrency as a digital asset that works as a medium of exchange and uses cryptography to secure all transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. An example of such cryptocurrencies is the bitcoin. In this article, we will understand the following: • Basic meaning of blockchain • What it comprises of • How it…

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  • Assignment 2: Symmetric Cryptography

    with a flawed encryption algorithm you can use that to break the rest of the encryption. For example: with the old pkzip encryption method. In this case if you had any of the unencrypted files in the archive, you could use that to obtain the key to break the rest. Plain text attack is the other type of attack for cryptanalysis the place that the attacker have the samples of the plaintext as well as encrypted version (known while cipher text version), he then incorporate the use of these to…

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  • Pgp Encryption Research Paper

    However, some experts bring up several problems of encrypted mail. Christopher Soghoian, a security and privacy researcher at the American Civil Liberties Union, said “Yahoo and Google are taking early steps to making the technology easier for normal consumers.” It can be interpreted that few users will adopt the technology immediately. This paper explains what PGP encryption is and how it works, merit of PGP security, what makes difficulty of using PGP encryption, and its limitation. What is…

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  • Symmetric Encryption Vs Blowfish Algorithm

    The F function of Blowfish algorithm provides a high level of security to encrypt the 64 bit plaintext data. Also the Blowfish algorithm runs faster than other popular symmetric key encryption algorithms. Secrecy and Performance Analysis of Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms research is continuing of the idea of combining Triple DES and RC4 was presented in IFRSA‟ International Journal of Computing. Analysis of T.D.B Weerasinge’s research paper is done based on two measurement criteria under…

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  • Basic Importance Of Cryptography

    storage or publication in a directory that is publicly accessible while the private key remains secret to the user. This mechanism uses no magic but employs complex mathematical functions to effectively hide or ensure that the private key remains indeterminable thus withholding its secrecy to everyone but the user. In real system, this concept works by enabling or giving each communicant his own private key and public key pair. The third type of cryptography is the hash functions. Hash…

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  • Steganography Analysis

    Steganography is where a plaintext message may be hidden in one of two ways. There are two primary Steganography methods to conceal the existence of the message, plain sight and encoded (Stallings, 2014). A simple but time consuming to build form of Steganography is the arrangement of words or letters within a normally written text that, once rearranged, spells out the real message (Stallings, 2014). Other techniques used in steganography include marking characters, where carefully selected…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 8 Access Control System

    I realize that understanding access control system in computer is significantly important. Access control mechanism in operating system apply to ensure proper privilege, data integrity and availability. Transferred message over network is essential to put security which means encryption at sending point and decryption in receiving point. Basic idea of Cryptography is to convert original message to encrypted message. Converting can either make the encryption process hidden, so that an intruder…

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