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  • Narrative Essay On A Plane Crash

    left for me. I drank the water like I had not drank anything in years and stood up my leg did not hurt at all. I wandered outside. Whoever had helped me had gotten quite a bit of the plane crash. They had at least found five suitcases and had found a bunch of the onboard soda. He saw the pointed shrapnel that he had used on the board it looked like a tip of the spear. He picked it up and saw an opportunity a part of the plane made of reinforced black carbon steel looked like a perfect spear handle. He began using the fire to smelt some of the metal onto each other. It somehow worked perfectly and swinging the spear around it felt flawless. He began to sharpen the top and revine the edges. There standing before him all of the sudden was another kid from the crash. He had the boar that had a familiar slash mark in his hand. I spoke first “Are you from the same crash as me?.” The other guy had short black hair and he was built more than I was and looked intelligent. “Well you were about dead when I found you.” “It looks like you took this boar out before it could get away.” Sitting up I examine the boar. That night they ate and talked about the crash. I learned the other guy 's name is Jeff he had a lot of survival experience due to the fact he trained for the military. He had been on the plane home from overseas training to see his family. Taking a…

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  • Letter To The Lady On The Plane Analysis

    To the Lady on the Plane To the loudmouth woman who sat on the small commuter plane from Salt Lake City, Utah to Medford, Oregon with me, I would like to thank you for being silent for the few minutes that you were staring at me while we were landing. Unfortunately, what followed the silence was disgusting. However, for most of the two hour flight you did not need to keep telling me about how afraid of planes you were. Frankly, I would have preferred you talked the entire time. On the other…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Time On The Plane

    My first time on a plane, it was amazing. I was scared at first, but once we got on the plane, I calmed down. This was something I never thought I would get to do. The plane ride felt like it took years to get there, but I kept myself occupied by crocheting and playing with my niece Rae. On the plane I was lucky enough to get a seat with my sister and my niece. The plane ride went great! But once we landed I couldn’t wait to get off the plane and see my brother and California. We came to…

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  • Reflective Essay On American Airlines Flight 11.9/11

    1. The Passenger “American Airlines, Flight 11. 9-11-2001. Economy Class, seat 32A. Boarding time: 7:45 A.M. Departing from Logan International Airport of Boston MA, Gate B32. Destination: Los Angeles, California.” I restlessly read my plane ticket over and over. It may seem as if it’s not a big deal. Just a boarding pass, right? But this isn’t just any flight. After being in Boston for almost two weeks, the homesickness is hardly bearable anymore. It’s almost been two weeks since I’ve seen my…

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  • Summary Of Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

    This book is called “Hatchet”, by Gary Paulsen. Brian’s mom gave him the hatchet to use it in the Canadian woods with his dad, because they are divorced. The unfortunate thing that happened to Brian occurred when he was flying to his dad. Brian’s parents are divorced. Brian knew that his mother was meeting another man, but he didn’t tell his father. Brian spent his time with his mother, so he got on the plane to his father. On the plane, the pilot taught Brian how to fly. After a few minutes,…

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  • The Revenant Essay Questions

    starts with Denzel 's Character, Whip, flying a commercial Plane to Florida to Georgia, with his co-pilot, Ken. Whip has a bad drug & alcohol problem. Before the flight in his hotel room, he snorts a line of coke, and even during the flight, pours three small bottles of vodka into a bottle of orange juice. For the most part, Whip doesn’t seem impaired, but takes a 26 minute nap while the plane sits in autopilot. A flight attendant walks into the cockpit and talk with Ken and jokes about Whip…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Florida

    just came back from school like a week ago and we needed to ride a plane to Florida. It was the most exciting occurrence in my life because I have never flew by plane before. We needed to leave our house around midnight to we could get to the airport just in time for our flight. We drove to the airport and it took 30 minutes because no-one was on the road at midnight. When we arrived at the airport, we went to department 1 so that we could board our plane. We were just about to miss it when the…

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  • Essay On D. B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking

    (Gray). There is still plenty of debate about whether or not he survived the jump that enabled him to get away on that night. This debate stems from the plethora of facts that can back up either side of the story. Who knows how it has been over forty years with the case still open and still unsolved. Although it may never be proven whether D.B. Cooper lived or died after his attempted hijacking, there is definitely reason to believe that he could have survived the jump. It all started on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Spring Break

    we were headed out to the airport around 5 o’clock in the morning. I was so nervous that I slept the whole ride to the airport. When we arrived at Memphis airport, Josiah said, ¨Mike follow me so you don 't get lost¨ , I laughed and said, ¨okay¨. It was about 30 minutes before our plane was to take off so we just chilled in the boarding area until it was time to board the plane. After maybe 10 minutes I started having butterflies in my stomach, I thought to myself, ¨Do you really wanna do this…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Defining Moment Of Freedom

    Getting off the plane, I felt like an adult for a moment. This defining moment of freedom and solitude made me realize I could go anywhere and do anything. When I arrived in my country, Uzbekistan, for my sister’s wedding, reconnecting to my past became more meaningful. Nostalgic memories were transitioning into new memories: climbing trees, picking fruits and playing jumpsies with my friends, until it got dark and I had to go home. Although, these moments still define my childhood,…

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