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  • Shooting Case Studies

    them run into apartment #1313. Doe only saw the back of their heads and would not be able to identify the three male Blacks if seen again. Doe saw that the fourth male Black was running with the above three subjects (Suspect #1). Doe saw that the suspect was carrying a chrome colored handgun in his right hand. The suspect placed the firearm in his right pants waistband as he continued running west past the playground and south through the parking lot between apartments buildings #12 and #13 and out of sight. Doe described the suspect as a male Black, approximately 20 years of age, wearing a white T-shirt and either blue or grey jeans. Doe would not be able to recognized the suspect if seen again. Doe did not want to provide me with his name or personal information because he believes the suspect and his friends will retaliate against…

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  • Why Are Words Worth A Thousand Words?

    When people introduce themselves I subconsciously block out their names. This is quite a problem, especially now, when starting fresh and independent at BYU, am left wanting friends, and am constantly finding myself in the position of meeting countless new people. I do, however, remember conversations, moments, unique personality traits, personal thoughts, as well as connections I made with that person. When it comes to recalling names however, I go stupid. My brain doesn’t remember names or…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Name

    Luke I wasn’t named after anyone special. I wasn’t named after a singer or athlete or actor. I wasn’t named after a family member. Not an aunt nor uncle. My parents liked the name so they gave it to me. It is just an ordinary name. My middle name is different. It was chosen because it is the name of my uncle. He was an athlete and my mom liked his name so it became my middle name. My last name comes from my parents home country. It means yellow in their countries language. I mom had a different…

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  • Summary Of Don Delillo's White Noise

    because there can be different names for things and…

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  • Names In Sula

    A name is a designation of importance, whether that is positive or negative. When a discovery of new land is made a new name typically goes along with it. When a child is born they receive a name as a symbol of their parents commitment and love. Like a contract, a name seals the connection between the person who gives it and the person or place that is the recipient of it. Names can also be classifications which can elevate a person's status or take that status away. In Toni Morrison's novels…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Name

    Names comes in all shapes and sizes. Just by taking a gander at our names, we can view into a window to the past. Last names are the utmost important part of anyone’s name, since it is past done from generation to generation. The meaning and the way names are spelled changes over time and across the world. Our names, meanings, nicknames, and why we were named what we were, are just a few ways that shape are uniqueness. Originating from the Greek name Alexandros, Alexander signified "shielding…

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  • The Namesake Film Analysis

    after receiving an uncommon name, Gogol, at birth. Despite having such a simple premise, The Namesake shows the significance a name holds in both Indian and foreign, specifically American societies, and the varying impacts it has on both communities. Unlike names in American culture, names in India hold great importance since they are not just a verbal affiliation, but also a description of a person’s…

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  • My Search Essay

    The Story of My Search As I began planning for the name research paper my English teacher gave me, I was not exactly sure what I would get out of it. The topic of the essay didn’t exactly speak to me because I already knew how I got my name and the meanings of it, so I did not know if I would learn something new. But as I began to research the meanings of my names, I realized that there is a lot more to a person’s name. In the first week of our research, we went to the library, and I used…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Name

    and/middle names. Regrettably, I am not one of those people. Although I’m sure it would have been impressive to have a riotous tale. My Father did the most of the naming, as I’m told when asked about my name. He claimed that his Aunt did have a somewhat big influence into his choice. His Aunt’s full name is Laura Elizabeth Kennedy and liking the name Elizabeth, he abbreviated it and got Elise. My Father also said that he had recently listened to Beethoven’s music and his favorite song happened…

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  • Personal Narrative: Helping Hard To Face With Challenges

    It is what I learned from stories about my name. Before I came here, I got in touch with my roommate and told her that she can call me my English name if she considered it hard to articulate my Chinese name. But she told me she really wanted to learn how to read it and call me using my real name. Later I asked another friend whether she thought pronouncing my Chinese name to be a little inconvenient, but she answered without hesitation that she was willing to call me my real name—everyone could…

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