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    To the Lady on the Plane To the loudmouth woman who sat on the small commuter plane from Salt Lake City, Utah to Medford, Oregon with me, I would like to thank you for being silent for the few minutes that you were staring at me while we were landing. Unfortunately, what followed the silence was disgusting. However, for most of the two hour flight you did not need to keep telling me about how afraid of planes you were. Frankly, I would have preferred you talked the entire time. On the other hand, you did give me a nauseating story to use for my first college essay. This is my rant. I had the amazing privilege to go on a scholarship trip to our nation’s capital. I was one of fifty four high school students who placed first in our individual states a writing competition (the other four placed first in their U.S. territories). The VFW paid for us to get two free trips to the east coast to meet with our fellow winners. The trip was truly amazing. Learning about our nation, having engaging debates, and seeing all the beautiful scenery that the east coast had to offer was fantastic. However, the last flight on the way home really extinguished the flame of fun that the previous week gave to me. Thank you for shattering the last part of my trip. I am accustomed to flying because my parents are divorced. I flew a lot to see one or the other while I was growing up. Also, my dad was in the military so I got to fly a lot with him on military planes which were an absolute blast.…

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