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  • Diverse Classroom Reflection

    young students as long as they follow the class rules of a “turn and talk” activity. The rules in my class for partner work are: turn and look at your partner, listen to their words, when it’s your turn speak so your partner can hear you, turn back to the front of the room, wait quietly for everyone to finish. Keeping your students excited about learning is important. Having fun activities like a relay race or “turn and talk” breaks up the day and allows the students to unwind while still learning or retaining information. At the end of the day, the students will pack up their bags and wait patiently for their bus number to be called for dismissal. During this time, students can talk with friends quietly, find a silent reading book and sit in the reading center, or even draw a picture in the art center. As the busses are being called, I will stand at the door with flashcards. On the flashcards will be a sight word, or just a word, when a students’ bus number is called, that student must tell me what the sight word is or tell me how many syllables are in the word. They must answer the question correctly to leave the room. If the student misses three words in a row, they can leave but they have to do it again when they walk into the classroom the next…

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  • Life-Worlds Pedagogy In The Classroom

    Morales and Ms. Stocker were also committed to life-worlds pedagogy, because not only were they lenient when it came to seating arrangements, but they even allowed the students to talk about things that matters to them. One student, who will be referred to as PB, loved talking about dinosaurs and because of his immense interest, the teachers decided to print out several sheets of paper dinosaurs. They took these sheets and applied the idea to mathematics by telling PB that he could use them to…

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  • Essay On Chinese Summer Camp Observation

    For my paper I was fortunate enough to be granted permission to observe some children at the Chinese summer camp where I went when I was younger, the counselors let me sit in and watch them entertain and educate the children from the corner of the classroom. The room was quite small but was able to accommodate me, four adults, 27 kids with ages ranging from 5 to 7, 30 adult size chairs, and a large table in the center. I was able to take more than an hour worth of notes during my stay there…

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  • My Most Important Lessons Learned In Golf

    rightfully so I was a bit over dramatic, she yelled back, “Okay, see you later.” “Bye,” I said. “Goodbye,” dad said. And we were off. When we got to the clinic had to sit in the waiting room. Apparently someone couldn’t hurry up and turn and cough so we had to wait. My dad and I looked a little odd there he was reading an Entertainment Weekly and then there was me looking like I just got stabbed in an alley. A few minutes passed until a nurse came by and sat next to me she asked seriously and…

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  • Importance Of Segregation In The Civil Rights Movement

    Racial Segregation was a huge problem in the south during the 1960’s. African Americans were treated very differently then White Americans. Blacks and Whites had to be segregated in public bathrooms, public places, public transportations, public restrooms, and public restaurants. It was a very hard time for African Americans because they couldn’t get jobs and they weren’t treated right. A lot of times they were met with violence even though they were doing non-violent acts. On February 1st,…

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  • Ddos Response

    restricts access from the protest of those unversed in technology but who agree with the ideals of the protest. Moreover, DDoS artificially renders additional protestors redundant through the use of bots, which leaves the DDoS “protest” to the whims of a few or even a single person. It is this inherent nature of the Internet that renders DDoS victims unable to determine the ideals behind the act, as there is no method to reveal whether the act was in protest or with malevolent intent. These…

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  • Hospital Descriptive Writing

    It 's June 22nd, just after ten thirty at night. I sit at the dining room table waiting for a phone call. Six hours ago, my daddy went to the hospital to have a few tests done. My mama went with him, and they have yet to return. Outside, the frogs strike up an unnerving tune. Earlier, a strong thunderstorm rolled through, drenching everything and lighting up the sky in flashes. As the frogs reach a crescendo in their song, a pair of headlights enters the driveway, catching the drops of moisture…

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  • Analysis Of Freedom Riders: Perspective Of Margret Oswalt

    events that happened in her town were cruel, we have learned from them and can now prevent them from ever happening again. The saying is if we don’t learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it in the future. I completely disagree with the hard times the African American race had to endure during the Civil Rights Movement. No one should ever be treated the way they were treated. It is immoral and unjust. Thankfully now there are no laws that support segregation and we can live equally…

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  • Paragraph On My Ideal Classroom

    each other and then chairs surrounding the tables. This will allow the students to see each other and work face to face among one another. Also for more seating I want little stools in rows for the students to sit on when we are in front of the white/smart board, rather than them being on the floor this gives them the chance to sit in rows in an organized form and prevents them from having to look up at the board. My desk would be next to the smart board and it would be the “Captain’s Quarters.”…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Grade School

    You take a deep breath and don’t feel like such a monstrous failure. Other times you feel that slow claw of panic inside your head when the therapist asks you back to the office. Is this the moment? Is this where they say you failed as a parent? You are the one at fault! Other times you wonder who is to blame. You WANT someone to blame and you will kill them. You know, it is really hard to sit in a therapist’s office, knowing the drill because you studied it, you went to school for this exact…

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