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  • Plant Hormones Lab Report

    There are several different types of plant hormones some of which inhibit or promote growth in the plant. There are also synthetic varieties of these plant hormones, specifically the plant hormone auxin which has many different synthetic compounds. There is not much data on the impact that these synthetic hormones have on plants growth rate in pea plants. In order to understand the impacts of synthetic auxin an experiment was conducted using natural auxin, naphthaleneacetic acid, and indolebutyric acid. Three seeds were placed in 4 pots each, one pot functioned as a control group with no added hormone. A hormone solution for each type of auxin was created and added over four weeks. Each of the plants received an equal amount of water, light, and was exposed to equal amounts of light. After collecting the height data in centimeters it was determined that indolebutyric acid had the highest rate of growth of all the plant groups. Based on the data it can be concluded that synthetic auxin has a almost as much of an impact on pea plant growth as natural auxin. However the synthetic auxin naphthaleneacetic acid is not as effective as natural auxin or its counterpart indolebutyric acid. Introduction Hormones play a foundational role in the…

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  • Plant Hormones: A Case Study Of Auxin-Oxygen

    Plant Hormones: DIAGRAMS/PICTURES NEEDED: Hormone Locations (color coordinated and showing relative concentrations) Auxin- Auxin is a hormone that’s main function is to promote cell elongation in stems, buds and roots and also plays a small part in the differentiation or new cells. Auxin is present in high concentrations in germinating fruits and seeds, but it is not yet known whether this high concentration of auxin is passed on from the mother or whether is is created but the developing…

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  • Cancer Vs Colon Cancer

    Through these experiments, they are hoping to develop a better idea of what physiologically causes colorectal cancer. By studying different physiological aspects, such as, estrogen levels in women, body mass index in different races of men, one study sought to figure out who is more likely to develop colon cancer. Other studies aim to understand what specific effects one’s diet has concerning colon cancer. One research group evaluated the correlation between high intakes of plant foods and fiber…

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  • LCMV Case Study

    Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) belongs to the Old World arenavirus family of enveloped viruses (Buchmeier et al., 2007). LCMV in particular has served as model organism from many significant studies in the field of immunology such as the Nobel Prize winning study of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) by Zinkernagel and Doherty (1975). LCMV’s natural reservoirs are the common household rodents (Traub, 1936). Household mice have shown to attain persistent asymptomatic LCMV…

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  • Glucocorticoids Case Study

    Glucocorticoids are steroid hormones which are produced predominantly in response to stress in the adrenal gland (Davis & Sandman 2010; Korgun et al. 2012). The physiological effects of glucocorticoids occur when the hormone are bind to, and mediated by the glucocorticoid receptor (Erhuma 2012). It plays a wide range of vital physiological roles that are necessary for healthy implantation and pregnancy processes (Korgun et al. 2012). As glucocorticoids are critical in the regulation of the…

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  • Summary Of Men's Emotional System

    Helen E. FisherPh.D. , states that “the three emotional systems lust, attraction, and attachment are somewhat disconnected in human beings...” (Fisher, 2000). I am strongly going to agree with that theory. The emotional systems of men are timed with biological reproduction abilities and driven by hormones or the lack of them hormones such as Testosterone, Vasopressin and Estrogen. Gender behavior patterns that are instilled in men such as not showing emotion such as through crying and through…

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  • Epoprostenol Research Paper

    Epoprostenol • Definition of epoprostenol (Flolan). - Epoprostenol belongs to some hormones which present in the body naturally called prostaglandins. - It is derived from arachidonic acid . This medication is taken by a continuous injection in the vein by the use of an infusion pump . - Generic Name: Epoprostenol sodium - Brand Name : Flolan Fig. 1 Chemical structure of epoprostenol • During comparison between two GPs of patients with of them are treated with…

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  • Hcg Drops Case Study

    making the same individuals lose hope and just stop looking. But, with a bit of right information and a correct approach, anyone can get the same supplement in a simple and easy manner, so they too can begin the process of weight loss. Here are the essential facts about how to find the best HCG drops around. What do HCG Drops Represent? Before finding the best option for buying these drops, any potential customer should have a basic knowledge about what HCG drops are and what are they made…

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  • Roles Of The Endocrine System

    because the hormones which are produced by this system act at the distance, many of those substances act in the different organs. The endocrine system and nervous system work together to coordinate functions of all systems in human body, they are responsible for maintaining the internal environment, nearly all physiological processes are affected by the hormones. They regulate almost all body function starting from metabolism, grow and development as well as water and electrolyte balance,…

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  • Virginia Vitzthum Environmental Stress

    stated that if it were a genetic influence, it would have been a periodic pregnancy loss throughout the year. Dr. Vitzthum also contributed to the topic of comparing pregnancy in industrialized women to women in an agrarian society. She discussed how she hypothesizes childhood sets the stage for adulthood. In an industrial society, women are exposed to an increased food supply and are told to participate in moderate activity levels. This results from menstrual activity being hypersensitive to…

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