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  • I-Search Plasm Video Analysis

    Sophomores--3 September, 2015 I-Search I-Search Plasma A couple of weeks ago, a YouTube channel called "TheGameTheorists" uploaded a video about how the people in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z harness their Ki and shoot lasers with it. Ever since I watched that video I 've been interested in learning more about plasma. The video is mainly about how these people use plasma to their advantage. He talks about how schools never teach us about plasma, how it 's the fourth state of matter, and how 99% of the universe is plasma. I want to learn how plasma is used on earth, why they don’t teach about plasma in school and the benefit of plasma in the universe. Plasma, the state of matter, is the most common form of…

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  • Cartesian Hydrodynamics

    astrophysical plasma plasma magnetohydrodynamics plasma transport processes Poisson equation 5230CvMagnetohydrodynamics (including electron magnetohydrodynamics) 5272+vLaboratory studies of space- and astrophysical-plasma processes 5225FiTransport properties I. INTRODUCTION There has been significant recent work on Vlasov-Maxwell (VM) equilibria that are consistent with nonlinear force-free1–8 and “nearly force-free”9 magnetic fields in Cartesian geometry. Therein, force-free refers to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Fusion

    exactly how the energy is released and contained within the reactor. There are two main types of reactors being tested across the world today. One of the leading reactors types is called the Tomahawk, which is a doughnut like shape(Turchi). The Tomahawk was designed by Soviet physicists Andrei Sakharov and Igor Tamm in 1951 and uses large magnetic coils to compress and confine the plasma inside the reactor(Turchi). Many scientists consider the Tomahawk to be the most promising fusion reactor.…

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  • The Phospholipids: The Plasma Membrane

    The plasma membrane also known as the cell membrane is found in every cell. The cell membrane is around 7-10nm, making it difficult to view even with a transmission scanning electron microscope (it only shows a double black line), this means that no one knows exactly what the membrane looks like. All membranes have the same basic structure made up from phospholipids (fats). The membrane is made up of a phospholipid bilayer; consisting of a polar phosphate head and two fatty acid tails. The head…

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  • Plasma Membrane Structure Model

    In 1935, the first plasma membrane structure model was introduced by Danielli and Davson. They proposed that the membrane is made of phospholipid bilayer that consists of hydrophobic head and the hydrophilic tail. Hydrophilic head, which is polar, facing towards the water molecules and said to be coated with protein. Hydrophilic tail, which is non-polar is not facing water molecules and sandwiched between the two bilayers. At regular intervals of the surface of the plasma membrane, there are…

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  • Blood Donation Essay

    United States. With there being a constant demand for blood and less than ten percent of the population donating the blood supply can be sufficiently low considering what is needed. There are four types of donations possible, whole blood, platelets, plasma, and double red cells. Blood drives and donations are highly impacting and important to many people in various communities, while donors also receive some health benefits as well. The Process Donating blood is a clean and simple process that…

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  • Speech On Save Life

    How to save a life. What comes to mind when you think of that phrase? For some it might be ways of keeping someone alive and for a few it might even be the most popular song by The Fray. No matter what you thought of, the fat is that there is no se definition of “how to save a life”. For us students, teenagers, youth, it feels almost impossible to be thinking of ways to save a life with such little experience but, I’m glad to tell you that there is a way. There is way to beat this impossible.…

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  • Outline Of Persuasive Speech On Blood Donation

    Ciara Martinez Communication 103 Persuasive Outline, Stock Issues November 3 2016 Why You Should Donate Blood General Purpose: To persuade I. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Gainer: “Up to 3 lives are saved by one pint of donated blood,” that means that if all of us 20 students just in this class were to donate blood, as many as 60 lives could be saved (Rock River Valley Blood Center). B. Reason to Listen: Blood donation affects more lives than some are aware of, it may have helped your family,…

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  • History: The Founding Of The American Red Cross

    Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 38,000 blood donations are needed everyday. The American Red Cross has been around since 1881 when Clara Barton founded it. Clara began to bring supplies to the battle field to help the soldiers. She saw there was a need to help soldiers, and since then the Red Cross has been helping people everyday. The founding of the American Red Cross has helped by helping with blood supply, disasters, and our country with health and safety.…

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  • Blood Donation Research Paper

    The Ethics and Economical Aspects of Donating Blood Blood is a crucial part in many medical procedures and emergencies in which organizations such as the American Red Cross are constantly advocating the public to donate it. They advertise that while you are doing a simple task, you may be saving someone’s life. In a study done by Johanne Charbonneau, who has a Ph.D in political science and Natalie Y-Lang Tran, it was found that most people gave blood because they considered it a “useful”…

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