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  • Characteristics And Uses Of The Fruit Of Pomegranate Fruits

    Pomegranate fruit Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is considered one of the oldest known edible fruit that is mentioned in the Koran, the Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Babylonian Talmud as “Food of Gods” that is symbolic of plentyness, fertility and prosperity.(45) They are widely cultivated in Iran, India, and the Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, and Morocco.(46,47,48) The pomegranate fruit is berry-like with a leathery rind enclosing many seeds surrounded by fleshy outer seed coats, juicy arils.(49) Pomegranate fruits are globally consumed fresh, in such processed forms as juice, molasses, jam, jelly, oil and in extract supplements.(50) It is important for its nutritional, medicinal and ornamental properties and its high consumption and industrial value.(51) Pomegranate content The fruit of the pomegranate (about 50% of total pomegranate weight) comprises 80% juice and 20% seeds; the fresh juice contains 85% water, 10% total sugars (glucose, sucrose, and fructose), and 1.5% pectin, organic acids (citric, malic, tartaric, succinic, fumaric, ascorbic acid), fatty acids (conjugated linoleic acid, linoleic acid, punicic acid and eleostearic acid), amino acids (proline, valin, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and methionine) and polyphenols. The soluble…

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  • Fruit Flies

    Fruit Flies - Trade Barrier for Mangoes Mango- often called as King of all Fruits. When Mango is there, anyone hardly asks for any other fruit. Mangoes are famous for their flavor, juice, color and fragrance. Mangoes vary in sizes and color. The colors might be yellow, orange or even red or green when ripe. Different varieties of Mangoes may taste differently and have different textures. Mango is the fruit of tropical and sub tropical zones. Asia falls into this climatic zone, thus this…

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  • Avocado Fruit Benefits

    Avocado Fruit Benefits to Get You Even More Healthy Dealing with Avocado, you may need to know some avocado fruit benefits. Because there are so many health benefits you can get from consuming avocado fruit. We all know that fruits are the best healthy food you can consume. It has its sweet distinctive taste which contains a lot of vitamins and much more other nutrition. Fruits can be consumed directly by peeling the skin. It can also be consumed in a form of juice. If you want to add healthy…

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  • Fruit Smoothie Recipes

    Fruit Smoothie Recipes By Stephanie Taylor Jul 19, 2011 The smoothie is a blended beverage loved by adults and children. The delectable drink is found everywhere from health food markets to coffee shops. Because smoothies are easy to make, they become popular beverage that you can make yourself at home. Smoothies can be both a tasty desert and an excellent source of needed vitamins and minerals and most of them are absolutely fat free. Literally hundreds of smoothie recipes are available on the…

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  • Citrus Fruit Essay

    Citrus is the general term for plants belonging to the family Rutaceae (Fejzic and Cavar, 2014). Citrus fruits are one of the important horticultural crops, with worldwide agricultural production of over 80 million tons per year. Brazil, China, United States, Mexico, India and Spain are the leading producers (Karoui, I. J and Marzouk, B, 2013, Marti et al., 2009). The most common citrus fruits are sweet orange (C. sinensis Osbeck), mandarin (C. reticulata Blanco), lime (C. aurantifolia Christm),…

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  • Fruit Spoilage Lab

    Fruit Spoilage Lab Abstract: The purpose of this lab is to see if lemon juice has an effect on fruit turning brown. When fruit is exposed to the air, it turns brown so the target of the lab was to try and prevent discoloration of the fruit. Using lemon juice and water, apples and bananas were tested to find if the chemicals really did prevent brown coloring from appearing on the fruit. With the lemon juice as the independent variable and the apples and bananas as the dependent variable, the…

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  • Fruit Peels Essay

    different parameters on the behavior of drying rate Fig.1 showed the relation between drying rate and drying time under two drying methods of fruits peels. It was cleared that the drying rate decreased continuously with drying time. There was not any constant-rate drying period and all the drying operations are seen to occur in the falling rate period. The drying rates were higher at the beginning of the drying operation, when the product moisture content was higher. The moisture content of the…

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  • Tropical Fruit Essay

    Tropical Fruits Tropical fruit is any type of fruit produced in tree that is native to the tropics. The tropics are usually as the region and area of the globe that is between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Tropical region has unique environmental conditions and therefore creates a habitat that is usually for diverse species of fauna and flora. Many tropical fruits are mostly used and consumed by humans, and certain fruits are widely known where its demands are high. (Site) There…

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  • Fruit Drop Lab Report

    Figure 8 Fruit drop and BS of longkong fruit (Lansium domesticum) during development on the tree. (A) Fruit drop at the SZ1 ( ) and the SZ2 ( ). (B) BS at the SZ1 ( ) and SZ2 ( ). It should be noted that in these tests no mechanical force was exerted on the fruit. A slight mechanical force (about 10 N) will lead to drop by breakage at the SZ2, from 15 WAFB onward. Data are means of 25 replicates of one season. Data on the same stage with the same letter are not different…

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  • Juicy Fruit Magazine Advertising

    The Juicy Fruit magazine advertisement is very bright and noticeable with just one glance. The background is the signature Juicy Fruit yellow and features four male, clay characters. All of them are standing on a raised platform facing a microphone in the center of the page. Each of them is wearing a blue blazer, white collared shirt, blue and white striped tie, blue shorts, and brown shoes. Three of the figures are singing, while the fourth is happily chewing gum, with a Juicy Fruit package in…

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