Fuel economy in automobiles

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  • Energy Efficient Car Environment

    Automobiles, Efficiency, and the Environment Developed in 1884 by Karl Friedrich Benz, the gasoline-powered automobile is perhaps one of the most essential inventions in history (Cheng). This invention allowed people to travel faster, longer, and more often, which helped our world begin developing into the global economy that it now is. Today, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the environment and economy is the use of automobiles and the fuels that they burn. With the rise of gas prices, new fuel efficiency standards, and the ever-present concern of global warming and its’ effect on the planet, automobile efficiency, it seems, is more important than ever. A lot of energy goes into making a car run. First, the electrical energy…

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  • Global Competition In The Automobile Industry

    every industry in the globe. And that includes the automobile industry. This essay delves into subject of environmental challenges the American auto industry is facing in terms of global competition, new technologies used, the effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions and the customer opinions of the American cars. Global competition of American cars As global competition intensifies in the past decades American automobile industry has continue searching for various…

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  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Climate Change

    of climate change, environment, ‘range anxiety’, and government’s role in the market? The average American consumer can use this information to make informed decisions on their vehicle choices in the future. The audience would be people who can afford to buy an energy efficient car, new or used and drivers interested in making environmentally friendly choices. Also, anyone interested in how consumers make their choices. So, marketers would be interested in this to help better appeal to this type…

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  • Technology Impact

    off, the economy has a lot of companies which produce a lot of the same products. As a result, companies are competing against each other to get the business of the consumers. In order to make a profit, companies try to cut down prices by reducing the cost of production. Other companies might just take a different approach like price cutting to drive smaller business out of the market. This competition makes the companies develop their technology in order to provide for the supply and demand of…

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  • Volkswagen: The Possibility Of Pollution And Consumer Relations

    The software activated full emissions controls during testing but reduces the effectiveness during regular driving. As a result, the cars emit nitrogen oxides at up to 40 times more than the allowable standard. The software enables cars to get better fuel economy at the cost of higher nitrogen oxide emissions (Boston et al., 2015). Volkswagen tried to sell their cars saying their cars had better performance and lower emissions but they did not mention the nitrogen emissions. Emission of up to 40…

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  • An Inconvenient Truth Essay

    Clicking on “Gas Mileage,” for example, reveals a mileage chart of each brand of hybrid car in a readable and convenient format, as well as tips for increasing fuel efficiency and anecdotes from hybrid drivers. Each link is equally thorough and easily navigated. Best of all, the navigation bar is always visible, so there’s no reason to use the browser’s “back” button to find the previous page unless the user leaves the site to visit one of the advertisers. The site design is also consistent and…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Community Of Cars By Ryan Brown

    spent strolling with his grandmother to the local grocery store. Many people can refer to this as an emotional appeal. Brown than appeals to our values by saying the “friendly conversations we used to have when passing an acquaintance while walking have been replaced with honks of a car horn” (Brown 1). He points out that Americans are in a mind state of driving over walking. He also says that if we drove less, our environment, communities, and personal health would all show positive…

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  • The Aviation Crisis

    whose lives had become inseparable from automobiles. Sprawling suburban neighborhoods were loosely connected by highways, and shopping centers had more parking lots than pedestrian walkways. In this sense, a shortage in gasoline posed an obstacle to activities like daily commute…

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  • Tata Nano Case Study

    the market on being a “small and dynamic car for all days”. This can be reached by reworking on the promotional campaign but also allowing more options and/or car models, hence extending the pricing range up. Doing so, will help to capture part of the growing middle class population which is looking for a second car, or a comfortable car still not expensive. Additionally, even if the Nano’s price is low, for most of the potential customers is a high reach. Therefore, Tata should make financial…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Sports Cars

    To some people, cars are more than just the sum of their parts. Ever since 1970 the United States Government has been placed crippling restrictions on sports vehicles. On December 2nd, 1970, Congress voted to pass a bill that would establish the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate and standardize the auto industry in order to protect the environment from pollution. From 1970 until now there have been thousands of vehicle emissions and fuel consumption regulations that have put…

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