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  • Why Students Get Grades Essay

    Causes for Students do not get the Grade they want. Nowadays, education is necessary for everyone. For this reason, it is important for students to do a good job in school, high school, but the main one is the university. Because, after they get a degree they will get a job. Considering this, it is basic that students get good grades. But in many cases, learners may not understand that the courses they are taking are now the most important. They use their time to do other things, and they do not dedicate the necessary effort to their studies. On the other hand, there are more causes for students to obtain poor grades. The chief reasons for students not to get the grades they want can be different issues such as: punctuation rules, vocabulary and grammar. Punctuation rules are causing so many difficulties for students. It is a big challenge for people who are learning English especially if they do not study and review the rules for each case. “There is one particular error that is very common, students quite often are in the habit of running two or more sentences together and joining them with commas”. (Davis) That means that they use a comma instead of a period. In this example, the write have to use a period before students. The following sentence is another instance: I went to the pool, but it was closed, so I went in my car, then I turned the radio on, and then I went to the beach with my friends. This is a long sentence which need a period after closed instead of a…

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  • Personal Narrative: What I Learned In English 1A Class

    At the start of the English 1A semester there a couple of things that I seemed to struggle with. First was I hadn’t written much of anything at all since high school had ended for me nearly four years ago, though I do try to keep a personal journal and loved writing poetry growing up. Between work, a dog, maintaining social activities and the daily hassles of life, writing quickly became an old past time. So, when sitting in class on my first day and being told to freewrite about anything, I…

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  • Steven Millhauser's The Invasion From Outer Space

    ignore the danger that was surrounding them. In the end you notice that they get used to the yellow dust and the fact that they are in danger but they don’t know what to do with it. They didn’t know how to fix it. They had tried. They sealed their windows but it still got in. Now it’s too late. It’s too late for them to do anything. They can’t stop it but they might have been able to in the beginning. If you don’t see the danger then you are completely clueless. People might say that they do…

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  • Personal Narrative: If I Am A Normal Person

    and told that being gay is morally wrong gave me a hard time to accept myself and if you don’t truly accept yourself for who you are, you will never find peace and happiness in life. Slowly over time I told more and more of my closer friends and most of them accepted me for who I am. There will be some that stops talking to you because you are different and they don’t think it is right to be different. Soon my friends asked me about dating and at the time I didn’t think much about it because I…

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  • King Kong Film Comparison

    Early within the film you would also notice that stop-motion animation is a little “jerky” but, when comparing the film to other films of the time being released, King Kong (1933) is rather glamorously and brilliantly crafted for its era. The majority of the film was created by the use of stop-motion animation puppets. These puppets were made of metal, ball-and-socket skeleton armatures, covered with cotton dental dam, latex rubber and rabbit fur. To create the expressions of the Ape, wires were…

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  • Horror Essay: Halloween Horror: The Horror Of Halloween

    Halloween Horror It was a dark, windy evening with a full moon on Lincoln Street. Many peoples ' houses were terrified. They decorate their house with orange pumpkins, dark skeleton, fake dead bodies and blood on the stairs, legs that was cut, and many creepy witches. The house very fabulous. As I walk down the street I saw Jimmy and Charlie. Jimmy was dressed as a clown. Charlie was dressed as a cat with some fake color blood. Jimmy and Charlie were staring at me. Hahahaha! They…

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  • Ttc Informative Speech

    Let me start by explaining the things I said before like why it costs so much or why it takes so long to get to the train station or bus stop. First and foremost, I will talk about why it takes so long to get to the train station or bus stop. Although the bus and the train take so long to get to the station and the stop, it is not the train operators or the bus driver's fault. The TTC runs on a schedule, the TTC tries to get to the place it's supposed to get on time, which may get there on time…

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  • The Role Of Animation, Stop Animation And Computer Generated Animation

    Animation is the method of taking still images and presenting them in rapid succession to create the illusion of motion. The contrast between animation and video is video takes constant movement and splits it up into frames. You have many different types of animation. Usually the main ones used are Traditional animation, Stop animation and Computer Generated animation. Traditional animation is created by drawing every frame by hand. Then these frames are coloured and scanned onto a computer and…

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  • Eyewitness Misidentification Essay

    third parties to introduce factitious memories to witnesses. As a result, lawyers strategically question witnesses on how accurate their memories are and if they have had any help or assistance in remembering any of the events that they are referencing. What has been found is that no matter how small a detail or implication of an event it may be, it can alter the full statement given by the witness and make it non-viable in the eyes of the courts. In the mid 1970’s a professor of psychology by…

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  • Earbuds While Driving Essay

    The dangers that wearing earbuds while driving causes have been detailed in many studies. In one such study, professor and researcher Dick de Waard conducted an experiment on bicyclists’ reaction time while listening to music with earbuds and while not listening to music at all. He found that 68% of auditory stop signals were unnoticed by the bicyclists that were listening to the music. He concluded that “listening to music [while wearing earbuds] worsens auditory perception.” From that…

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