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  • Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Analysis

    Considered one of his most famous pieces, Bach 's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" speaks a lot, both technically as well as contextually. Initially, my reaction for the piece was positive, with the notion that it would be used to accompany theatric performance of some sort. I noticed the song was composed in a way to have both slow and fast parts, as well as being complex yet easy to follow. Upon looking into Bach 's religious beliefs and lifestyle, in addition to the time period this was composed in, my view on the song changed. The emotional reaction after learning about its history was a lot more powerful, after knowing that this piece was crafted for church. Words such as repenting sins and shame come to mind while listening to this piece, contrary to the initial thoughts of "someone dies in a play." This piece consists of an organ playing two sections, one being a fast paced section with a wide range (toccata), with the other largely being a melody played at several different tones (fugue). Beginning by…

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  • Bach 1st Movement Analysis

    J.S Bach, who born in 1686 and died in 1750, was the first one who deals with contrapuntal counterpoint. Today, I’m going to talk about the 1st movement & second movement of Brandenburg Concerto No.2. Brandenburg Concertos were written by Bach, while he worked at Cothen. Baroque Concerto is a small group of soloists pitted against a larger group of players called tutti, which consists mainly the string instruments, with a harpsichord as a basso continuo. 1st movement of this concerto is in…

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  • Analysis Of Partita No. 4 In Bach

    Partita no.4 in D major, BWV 828 The fourth partita, whose original title page was dated 1728, is the most splendid of the partitas. Three or four movements – the overture, courante, gigue and perhaps the minuet – evoke orchestral style, but the remainder are intimate and highly expressive. The overture is of the same type found in the orchestral suites of Bach. Such movements are usually regarded as…

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  • Sebastian Bach Research Paper

    Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisensch (Turingia, Germany) on March 21, 1685 as an eight child to Johann Ambrosius Bach, and Maria Elizabeth Lammerhirt, and Eisensch is also the same place where Luther translated the New Testament into German 190 years before. Johann Ambrosius Bach, His father (1645¬¬-1695) was a church organist, his twin brother Johann Ambrosius was a string player, and a court trumpeter. Sebastian Bach was baptized in Saint George church three days after being born in…

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  • Musica Est Optimum: Martin Luther's Theory Of Music

    1. Loewe, J. Andreas. “‘Musica Est Optimum’: Martin Luther’s Theory of Music,” Music & 0 0 0 Letters 94, no 4 (2013): 573-605 “‘Musica Est Optimum’: Martin Luther’s Theory of Music”, an article by J. Andreas Loewes begins by citing a volume written by Carl Schalk titled Luther on Music, which updated previous records on the subject written by Walter Buszin and Paul Nettl. Schalk claimed that their works “caused frustration because of a lack of documentation”, though there were other…

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  • St Matthew Passion Song Analysis

    The St Matthew Passion is a sacred song that was written by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1727. It has interspersed chorales and arias as it sets to music chapters 26 and 27 of the Gospel of Matthew (Leahy, 2011). It is a great masterpiece of classic gospel music of all time. Three different excerpts of the music are analyzed in this paper with a special focus on the form, texture, harmony, relationship between text and music, and the dramatic significance. The main purpose for writing the song was…

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  • Dora The Explorer Case Study Analysis

    People have a schema which is the sum of all of our thoughts and experiences. This alters how we observe things. Abnormal behavior can be the result of unfavorable schemas. In order to eliminate the abnormal behavior, the belief, schema, and cognitive mindset must be changed. Abnormal behavior can be caused by a particular perspective. For example, a feeling of hopelessness can lead to depression. In Dora’s case, let’s assume that a traumatic event occurred within her household, which is the…

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  • Bach's Prelude And Fugue Analysis

    A Comparison and Contrast of Bach’s Fingering System and Modern Fingering System Comparing the work of J.S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue During the 20th centuries, modern piano has developed and request pianists have to do changes for playing techniques to pursuit the great articulation of the piano playing. It affects all aspects of performance, in order to produce the perfect color of the tone, good memorization, excellent technique skills, and also the pianist could get more security for the…

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  • Contrapunctus 1: The Art Of Fugue

    Although Contrapunctus 1 is beautiful to hear when played on an organ, it does not provide enough low tones that can be easily distinguished by someone that struggles to discern the upper ranges of soprano. But when the bass and alto are supporting the melody, the theme is easily distinguishable. Using descriptors to help guide my ears, I was able to selectively hear melodies performed in higher ranges, allowing me to fully hear the execution of fugue vices in producing an appreciable work of…

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  • Sinfonia Analysis

    But the treble, accompanied by a walking bass, lacks the improvisatory qualities of an embellished adagio and move somewhat faster. It ends by dissolving into a short written-out cadenza that is an ornamented cadence. The sinfonia closes with a real fugue in two voices. The figuration is so rich in harmonic implications that the two parts suffice to suggest an orchestral texture. The fugue subject belongs to a type that is composed out of a single dominant chord. Each statement of the subject…

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