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  • Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

    To start off, the title of the graphic novel, Fun Home, is portrayed as an environment where people live usually accompanied by sweet memories of growing up, having fun, enjoying every moment of their childhood. However, Bechdel uses the word “fun,” short for “funeral,” to refer to Bechdel’s funeral home business, which is her grandfather’s (Bruce’s father, which is her father’s dads’) family business. In Chapter 3: “That Old Catastrophe,” the image of what seems like a dictionary takes up about half the page with certain words being highlighted. Bechdel uses the word “queer” to describe her father’s death in the following sentence: “My father’s death was a queer business – queer in every sense of that multi-valent word” (Bechdel 57). She expresses her father as being queer as an adjective, verb, and a noun. A combine form of meanings such as strange, suspicious, to put (one) in a bad position, and counterfeit are…

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  • Bechdel's Relationship In Fun Home

    Considering Fun Home as a mystery novel, Bruce Bechdel’s death serves as the inciting incident which spurs Alison Bechdel to look through the “clues” -- memories, letters, photographs, etc. -- to formulate a judgment about her father’s life. Throughout the novel, it’s clear Alison’s relationship with her parents is tumultuous. Due to her father’s uptight, perfectionist nature, Bechdel finds it difficult to attain his approval and criticize him; moreover, she describes showing him affection “an…

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  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    that our family was a sham. That our house was not a real home at all but the simulacrum of one, a museum. Yet we really were a family, and we really did live in those period rooms.” (Bechdel 17) These words of Alison Bechdel perfectly describe her family. Bechdel may not be widely recognized, however she did introduce the uniqueness of her book to the world as a tragicomic. As the writer and artist of this tragicomic, she only shows what she wants the readers to see. The work is a black and…

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  • Innocence In Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

    Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Home is a work that founded on conflicts and paradoxes between outward appearance and meaning. Even the title Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic appears incomprehensible. The phrase “Fun Home” all the same for first Family funeral home, that evidently is not something, a number of us would consider being fun. We tend to contemplate the phase “Fun Home” in relevancy the family’s actual house; it is clear that their family life is not notably fun with its upsides of…

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  • Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel is an autobiographical graphic memoir that correlates her coming of age with her discovery of her homosexuality. Bechdel is also battling her inner fears that came along with her upraising but is baffled by the unearthing of her father’s own homosexuality. Her artistic decisions are affected by her homosexuality because she chooses to add stereotypical gender roles. Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic develops a proper story line by…

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  • Fun Home Analysis

    Imagine a family member of yours suddenly passed away today. How would you react right this very moment? Presumably terribly sad! Okay, I lied, now stop imagining. That is probably a very sad occasion that you rather not think about, correct? Although we were all taught and grew up differently with our own parents, Alison Bechdel’s relationship with her family is quite astonishing. As we will further discuss about the family consequences in the tragicomic, Fun Home, you will soon recognize…

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  • Fun Home And Stitches Analysis

    Ailen Concepcion Lit. 353 Spring 2016 Title In their memoirs, Fun Home and Stitches, authors Alison Bechdel and David Small tell their personal stories about their strange family life and the struggles in a dysfunctional home. Both authors had strained relationships with one of their parent while the other parent was often aloof and distant. Strangely enough, although their stories seem quite similar both authors bring their own style to the table and made the story their own. Their works are…

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  • Character Analysis: Fun Home

    He does, however, admit that, “I guess there was some kind of…identification.” (Bechdel. Fun Home I: 220. Figure 7) two panels later. This hesitation is not only shown verbally by his pause in speech on the intradiegetic level but primarily visually on the diegetic level where his emotions and thoughts are depicted by his facial expression as seen by young-adult-Alison. His eyes are cast down; his mouth forms a tight line. He looks defeated and ashamed about having said this, and about the truth…

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  • Tragicomic Fun Home Analysis

    In her family tragicomic Fun Home, author and cartoonist Alison Bechdel writes about her dysfunctional family, struggles with her sexuality, and her relationship with her father. In the fourth chapter of her book, Bechdel illustrates the similarities between herself and her father, Bruce Bechdel. Her discovery of her Dad’s hidden photos reveals the underlying secrets that she and he both share. This discovery also identifies the characteristics that translate from Bruce to Alison Bechdel such as…

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  • Reality In Bechdel's Fun Home

    In Bechdel’s Fun Home, a graphic novel memoir about the relationship with her father, it is obvious that every member of the family engages with fiction. The reader constantly sees these characters reading literature, writing, and acting. However, their interactions with fiction do not end with books and plays. It seems that they each use fiction in some relation to reality; generally, to alter it. The two characters Helen and Bruce use fiction as way to escape and live in a preferred reality,…

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