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    As the international trading is becoming more common, global companies are facing some challenges such as building trust in the globalization of business. The keys to building trust between global customers and global companies are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Sustainability (CS). CSR and CS exist for "all the members of society" (Wilson, 2003) not only for stakeholders. Therefore, it is vital to consider the management of CSR/CS strategies for corporate sustainability globally. In Japan, although many companies promote CSR/CS in their way, it depends on the companies what they do for CSR/CS. One of the reasons for this is that the definition of CSR/CS is swinging and the standards of CSR/CS depends on the companies. Some of the companies consider CSR as "contribution to society" such as volunteer activities, charity activities or protection of the earth environment and they tend to think that CSR/CS is an "option". Another reason is that Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) say it should not be mandatory for companies to promote CSR/CS. They issued “Manual for Implementing Charter of Corporate Code” in which they insisted that Japanese companies should have autonomy in their business operation (Nippon Keidanren, 2004). But CSR/CS managiment has significant impacts on business and if a company want to be acknowledged as a member in the globalization of business, they should understand how important it is to manage the CSR/CS strategies. Do…

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    hand in many political matters that influence the import and export of goods across the world. The company itself does not have any political party control but they do control how they conduct their operations if policies and procedures are put in place. If there so happens to be a change in how the company import and exports their goods, then the business strategy of the company may need to be adjusted. Sources of Power Sources of power can be divided into two separate categories, power from…

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