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  • Ice Cream

    INTRODUCTION Ice cream coined from the term iced cream is a frozen dessert made from milk and cream and mixed with other ingredients to bring various kinds of flavors. Sometimes they are mixed with fruits or sweets as toppings to bring out different flavours. Normally sugars are added in the mixture but sometimes other types of sweeteners are also added. Sometimes artificial colourings and flavorings are also added to bring out different flavours. The ingredients mixed properly are stirred well for incorporating air and to prevent ice crystals, thus forming smoothly textured semi solid foam which can shaped into different shapes. There are different types of frozen desserts that comes under the term ice cream like Dairy ice cream, Gelato,…

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  • Ice Cream Essay

    Ice cream is defined as a sweetened frozen food which is composed of dairy products like milk, cream and infused with sugar, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorings, water and air. Ice cream varies all over the world this is because the mixture of the ingredients is different from one another. But a good ice cream is composed of: 12% milk fat, 14% milk solid non-fat, 15% sugar, 0.2% stabilizer, 6.2% emulsifier, 55-64% water which is still exclusive of air. Since, ice cream is a whipped product; it…

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  • Ice Cream Persuasive Essay

    One bright, sunny day, Jack took a walk down the park and saw an ice cream truck and an apple stand beside it. Jack took a moment to think about what he should buy. Jack was wondering about what he ate yesterday. He knew that he ate ice-cream yesterday and his mom had told him too much sweet stuff is bad and that you can get sick, but he really wanted that delicious ice cream. Jack was having a hard time deciding whether he should eat healthy or not. What do you think Jack should buy, the ice…

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  • Analysis Of B's Ice Cream

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY “I scream. You scream. We all scream for B’s ice-cream.” In an attempt to get our target audiences’ taste buds buzzing for over twenty- six (26) years, we have been producing a variety of enticing homemade ice- cream flavours that suites all occasions, age groups and healthy lifestyles. The founders, Katherine and Anderson Bethel, were determined to produce an all natural, eggless, pasteurized, homemade texture and certified halaal product that everyone could enjoy at any day…

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  • Ice Cream Advertisement Analysis

    The advertisement is of a pregnant nun who has a tub of ice-cream in one hand and a spoon in the other while bringing the spoon closer to her mouth she is lustfully staring at the tub of ice-cream, next to the tub there are the words immaculately conceived. In the background one sees a church. In the bottom right hand corner, we see another tub of ice-cream but this time with the company name more visible. This is obviously an advertisement for ice-cream made by the company Antonio Federici.…

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  • Ice Cream Case Study

    Dream Jobs: Ice cream maker By Mark King, The Guardian, adapted by Newsela staff 12/22/2016 Word Count 543 A woman making ice cream. A woman making ice cream. Katy Mace and her helper stir milk, cream, sugar, eggs and strawberries into a big metal bowl. They pour the mixture into an ice cream machine. It spins and cools the mixture down to a low temperature. Now it is ready to be put into tubs. This is Downsview Farmhouse homemade ice cream. Cream Of The Crop Downsview Farm sits off a quiet…

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  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Creams

    One of the main advantages of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in New Zealand is that they not only provide an all natural product, but their ingredients are ethically sourced as well. A few competitors such as MovenPick, New Zealand Natural, and Deep South use natural ingredients. However, neither company mentioned using ethically sourced ingredients. In addition, Ben & Jerry will differentiate themselves because they will be one of the only “fun” ice cream parlors. New Zealand has average and highly…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Ice Cream

    ABSTRACT DOUGH-IT is an ice cream shop, which strives to satisfy our customers’ sweet tooth cravings by providing them with the best ice cream experience through our triple-step interactive process in creating their own custom ice cream bun, as it will make our customers’ buying experience more exciting. Our product is a freshly fried flavored doughnut filled with our customers’ choice of ice cream and toppings that they can choose from the variety of flavors of we offer. Our customers also…

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  • Chattanooga Ice Cream Essay

    “The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division” The Ice Cream Division of Chattanooga Food Corporation had indicated declining deals for five continuous years through 1996. That was the year that they lost their third biggest client, Stay, and Shop. A turn around needed to occur, however the Ice Cream Division authority was uncertain how to fulfill this. The division was controlled by Charlie Moore, grandson of the organization originator. Charlie was an exceptionally law based pioneer, however, had real…

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  • Essay About Ice Cream

    Earlier in the week, I had a falling out with a friend, and I really needed someone to talk to. I texted TJ, asking if we could do something, to get my mind off of everything. He happily obliged and offered to take me to ice cream on Wednesday. When he pulled into the driveway, my heart leaped to my throat. I was finally going to have to come to terms with the fact that my best friend and I were fighting, and would have to relive it all again. I knew TJ was going to ask, and I got nervous. I…

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