Swot Analysis Of Ice Cream

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DOUGH-IT is an ice cream shop, which strives to satisfy our customers’ sweet tooth cravings by providing them with the best ice cream experience through our triple-step interactive process in creating their own custom ice cream bun, as it will make our customers’ buying experience more exciting. Our product is a freshly fried flavored doughnut filled with our customers’ choice of ice cream and toppings that they can choose from the variety of flavors of we offer. Our customers also have an option to choose among different flavors of buns as their base. We assure our customers that our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients possible. We also value the aesthetic appeal of our products, making them look very eye-catching,
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Coming from a family running a restaurant business, Mica has seen the ins-and-outs of a food business. She is great with communicating with others and is reliable with doing her tasks. She has good writing skills and is also good with cooking.


Dough-It envisions itself to be one of the most established names in the ice cream and frozen desserts industry. We picture ourselves to have a fun and playful image in the minds of our customers. We visualize our company to branch out to different store locations and hopefully make it possible for a nationwide expansion to happen in the next couple of years. Dough-It will strive to continuously improve and develop its product offerings for these objectives to be reached.

Dough-It, Incorporated
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Keeping a record of all business transactions is necessary to measure the company’sprofit margin through examining how these costs affect its gross margin.

 Operating Expenses Ratio (Fixed and Variable Expenses)

- The different Operating Expenses of the business, and getting its ratiois used to indicate how good a company is handling the different costs of running the business.

 Customer Feedback and Reviews

- For a company to know on what aspects they still need to improve on and take corrective actions, having customer feedback and reviews is what they need. These reviews and feedbacks may be good or bad, but are still very much important. They are valuable in the sense that that they deliver objective feedback on the business’ performance through the eyes of the customers.

 Level of Employee Engagement

- The level of employee engagement measures how involved the employees are in their work. This depends what the priorities of the management for the business are, but being aware of this will help a company become more aware of its daily operations

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