Jco Doughnut Case Study

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Many companies are competing in two things, service and goods. They need to manage innovation, quality, service, speed, and cost competitiveness. The important things make for satisfaction their customer, so they will come back again to buy their product. In this era, many businesses are competing strictly, especially in food and beverage, so that make people need to find a creative and innovative business.

Jco doughnut is an international product that serve as simple as another doughnut. Jco doughnut offer with many kinds of flavour, and also different with another doughnut’s outlets. Jco donuts are restaurant which is special for donuts and serve many kinds of coffee and yogurts. This company is made by Johnny Andrean Group, before that
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Jco doughnut also serve many kinds of coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Indonesia. Jco doughnut compete with Big apple donuts and coffee from Malaysia, Dunkin donuts, and also Krispy Kreme doughnut. From year to year, outlet’s Jco doughnuts still increase in Indonesian and other country. The success of Jco Doughnuts looked from many award that it receives, for example: Best Marketing Award, Best Doughnut 2006, Break Through Campaign Category Food and Beverage, etc.

2.0 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis are considered from what you need for all your business, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Therefore, they can help the company with improve their business strategy. Internal company are divided become strengths and Weaknesses. On the other hand, external analysis is divided become Opportunities and Threats.
For example, jco donuts have spread over state in Indonesia, and then already have good reputation in international trade.
2.1 Strengths:
• In a year, there are already 16 outlets, and 450 employees of jco donuts in Indonesia.
• Internal expansion (Malaysia, Philippines,
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2.2 Weaknesses:
• In Indonesia, the price is high.
• JCO donuts can’t make donuts without using preservative.

2.3 Opportunities:
• Many people will choose jco become the favourite foods.
• Business opportunities can be very good, because many people like dessert. 2.4 Threats:
• High number of competitors in Indonesia. (the rivals are like dunkin donuts, Krispy Kreme, etc.).
• Government regulations (licensing, laws)

2.1 Table Swot Analysis
3.0 PESTEL Analysis
PESTEL analysis is used to study a company’s external environment for making decision. This includes Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environment, and Law. PESTLE Analysis will help you for determine these factor will affect the performance and activity to your company for long term.

Dimensions Remarks
Political • The tax in Indonesia is high.
• Employment laws.
• Perceived corrupt government.
Economy • Majority of population falls within poverty
• Hard to find skill labour.
• Depends on international economy around the world.
• Inflation in Indonesia which is unstable
Social • Healthy problems associated with donuts.
• Make a new lifestyle
• Make a new education in local market.
• Less preference for traditional food as first

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