Advantages And Disadvantages Between Local And International Competition

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Question 2:

Local competition can be described as existence of local firms that sell the same services or goods to customers on a competitive level to gain customers and make a profit.
International competition can be described as the existence for global companies that serve customers over the whole world with the aim to satisfy customer needs and maximize profit. International competition has been increased by shipping channels, reducing of barriers and centralized financial authorities.
The South African firm I will be using for this assignment is Clover. This firm specializes in dairy products. Clover is a branded food and beverage group which has a strong emphasis on their value added products or goods. Clover only makes use of South African farmers for the raw materials they need to produce their products or goods. In the next few sentences I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of local and international competition.

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>With the erection of new businesses there can also open up businesses or firms that are also needed to support the new businesses. For instance, when a small town finally gets a bigger school, the population will get bigger and the need for other businesses will also awaken.
>The quality of the goods increases, because the business need to stay on top of it to keep

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