Fresh Fruits Broken Bodies Analysis

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In Fresh Fruits Broken Bodies: Migrant workers in the United States the author, Seth
Holmes writes about how Free Trade has ruined the lives of indigenous Mexicans. Holmes goes into detail about how these trade ideas ate away at Mexico’s economy, leading to land wars and mass migration. Holmes, also delves into not only the economic cost of the neoliberal economic ideas, but also the human cost. Holmes also mentions how the indigenous people lost many of their own farms in United States owned farms and how that has forced citizens to leave and look for work.
Free Trade is one of those ideas that had such great intentions, such as making it easier and cheaper to purchase products from over borders due to lack of things such as tariffs.
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The land wars were in part due to the lack of resources caused by NAFTA, by killing of domestic industries and exporting those jobs elsewhere. Rather than distributing the gains and all profiting from this agreement, so free trade
Huynh 2 and in particular NAFTA has drained the Mexican economy and left what remains to rot. Much like Holmes I find that the ideas and agreements based on free trade had only gone on to hurt
Mexico’s economy and its citizens’ livelihood.
Free Trade in North America now is practically unanimous with the North American Free
Trade Agreement, now better known as NAFTA, its intended objective in the eyes of the United
States and Mexico was to stem the flow of migrants from Mexico. This was to be achieved by allowing more businesses to open and hire locals. However, after many years of NAFTA being in effect history has shown that it only helps to inflate the problem. Economically, Mexican industry can no longer compete with the Americans, as Alejandro Ramirez, general director
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With four men to a house he collected
$800 monthly for a residence that had a fair market rent value of $300.”(492) This is not uncommon for those looking to escape poverty to accept these kinds of conditions because in the end it simply seems better for them this way to bring in money. This is how we became the big winners in the NAFTA agreement, we gain cheap labor, we gain a silent workforce that will not revolt in fear of deportation, and lastly we get to sell back some of the meat to Mexico crushing whatever farms are left in the process.For those that survive the aftermaths of NAFTA, they have no choice but to migrate north to America, the simple fact is there are no jobs left.
NAFTA has been a less than reliable treaty for Mexico due the cheaper pricing of imports the local economy and infrastructure has been eaten away and replaced with American companies cheaper alternatives. Which normally hire migrants to process the product. This
Treaty has also forced many migrants to move north for even the slightest chance at survival.
Much like Holmes states NAFTA has forced many to start migrating to the

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