Ice Cream Case Study

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Dream Jobs: Ice cream maker
By Mark King, The Guardian, adapted by Newsela staff
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A woman making ice cream.
A woman making ice cream.
Katy Mace and her helper stir milk, cream, sugar, eggs and strawberries into a big metal bowl. They pour the mixture into an ice cream machine. It spins and cools the mixture down to a low temperature. Now it is ready to be put into tubs. This is Downsview Farmhouse homemade ice cream.
Cream Of The Crop

Downsview Farm sits off a quiet road in the English countryside. Mace has been Downsview's chief ice cream maker for four years. Sarah Farnes, who owns the business, explains that the price of milk began falling five years ago. Downsview has a herd of 160 cows. The cows produce fresh
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It goes into the tubs, which are placed right into a freezer. From there they are delivered to shops, cafes and restaurants.
22 Flavors

Mace sometimes gets to create new flavors. "We've had some strange ones," she says. For example, Downsview has made parmesan ice cream and lavender ice cream. She has even made a soy sauce-flavored ice cream.
The more typical flavors Mace makes include pistachio, cinnamon, coconut and caramel. Downsview makes 22 flavors in total.
Every Day Is A Sundae

Every day, Mace follows the same steps to make ice cream. She prepares the ingredients and mixes them. She fills up the tubs. Finally, she cleans the equipment. Then she starts all over again on the next flavor.
Still, Mace likes the work. She says it can be exciting, even though it is repetitive. For example, she recently helped nearby students make their own ice cream flavors. They were competing to make the best new flavor. The winning ice cream will go on sale to raise money to fight cancer.
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