Ice Cream Advertisement Analysis

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The advertisement is of a pregnant nun who has a tub of ice-cream in one hand and a spoon in the other while bringing the spoon closer to her mouth she is lustfully staring at the tub of ice-cream, next to the tub there are the words immaculately conceived. In the background one sees a church. In the bottom right hand corner, we see another tub of ice-cream but this time with the company name more visible. This is obviously an advertisement for ice-cream made by the company Antonio Federici.
The main colours used are black, white, brown and grey. It is said that black may be used symbolise power, authority, elegance and strength where as white is known to symbolise virginity, innocence, goodness and purity. Brown is said to symbolise steadfastness,
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They most likely used a presumably pregnant nun because the pregnant nun most likely represents purity and goodness as well as elegance, also the fact that pregnant often have cravings and so she gives into her craving presumably for ice-cream really sells it as ‘the ice-cream’ to have when you have a craving for ice-cream. This nun emphasizes that the she is not pious, just and graceful. The pregnant nun has very naughty connotation to the ice-cream it is like she is indulging in slightly ‘forbidden’ pleasures. It is because one would suppose that she should be a virgin, but is not that really helps emphasize …show more content…
The audience, I presume, would be anyone who likes ice-cream, pregnant mothers who might be having cravings, the older population who understand the very slight sexual undertones. One can easily tell this because the ice-cream being eaten by the nun with the tub being just on top of her big belly is the main focus and is centred. The advertisers appealed to their audience by firstly making the nun look like she is enjoying the ice-cream she is eating, and secondly the expression on her face looks very similar to one possibly a pregnant mother would look at her belly thus creating a common connection which is the love of their baby. It can also be interpreted as the nun sexually looking at the ice-cream again bringing back the point of the slight sexual undertone. The purpose of this advertisement is to persuade people to buy their product. Because it was made to persuade people they only added things to the poster that would make people more likely to buy their product such as the gold medal announcing them as having the best ice-cream. They used the words immaculately conceived which makes it more tempting because they are basically saying that the ice-cream is perfectly made without faults which makes it that much more tempting. The message is pretty clear, it tells the viewer that their ice-cream is so perfect and so tempting it could be considered

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