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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Ice Rink

    Friday for Zumba!” Said Ruben. Little did I know that meeting Ruben would open doors to things that I have never seen before. Meeting him seven months ago at an Ice Skating Rink would change my life forever. Meeting him taught me both that I should branch out to meet new people, and that I should watch who I become friends with. The day I went to the Ice Rink, was a chilly one. Cloudy, cold, and just enough to make your nose run. I had on a long black coat with a zip up hoodie and no hat, no gloves, and grey unnamed boots on. I walked past a big dome with clear see through glass and the inside was full of melted ice. I saw tons of people get into line inside a heated white tent to buy rental skates that was by…

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  • The National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

    Monday through Thursday from 10 A.M to 9 P.M., Friday and Saturday from 10 A.M to 11 P.M., and Sunday from 11 A.M to 9 P.M., unless there is rain or weather below 20 ° F, for less than $10, guests are allowed to have two-hour sessions to skate at the rink. The skating rink is located on the National Mall at 7th St. and Constitution Ave. NW. The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink also offers lessons that are taught by Emme Porter and Bruce Porter, who have taught choreography, ice…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hopelessness In The United States

    complex, and it stretches almost from floor to ceiling. It depicts religious figures such as the Virgin Mary and Jesus. In both, there was an intricately carved wooden pulpit, depicting angels and Jesus working one of his miracles. The enormous scale of the churches and the grace of the architecture leave me in awe. The next day, since I’m feeling better, I decide to practice. So we walk to the ice rink, which is quite a ways away, but overall, the rink is nice, with a warm café sitting a floor…

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  • Visual Analysis Essay On Norman Rockwell

    He is smiling very hard in this painting, although the weather has turned his face red. The Grandson is having a great time watching his Grandfather making circles on the ice rink. I think they are both competing and trying to see who can make bigger circles ice skating. His Grandfather is also doing several tricks and sowing off his skills. Ice skating in the middle of the ice rink must be fun for his Grandfather. I can assure that he skates very often. To be able to skate with your Grandfather…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Ice Rink

    i’m going to the ice rink with some friends. It is a warm day in Dallas, Texas and I need to cool off before heading to the rink. I stop at a gas station to pick up a few things. I have a taste for pizza. I arrive at the nearest gas station in search of the savory delicacy pizza offers. Most people find it strange but I prefer mushrooms on my pizza. I walk in and the cool air hits me forcefully. I don't have the patience for frozen pizza, though it’s so hot out I could probably cook it on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Georgia

    There was something very exciting about skating on a block of ice with wet clothes, bruised knees, and frost-bit fingers. It was also extremely heart-warming for me to see my mother and uncle reconnect and make up for lost time over stale french-fries from the concession stand. This sentimental moment was interrupted by a hand on my back, pushing me onto the ice. I was able to pick up my head just soon enough to see my brother laughing as he made his escape. After we had all eventually lost…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Hockey Life

    called bobsled skates. They also had two pieces of steel on each side of the skate, like on the bottom of a normal skates. I remember the look on my dad’s face when he put my skates on me for the first time; he was smiling. As I walked out to the ice rink, I spotted a chair. It was supposed to help you learn how to skate, and that’s exactly what I thought. I went onto the ice and crawled to the chair. I sat on the chair and said, “Daddy, push me,” so he did. He pushed me so fast that my skates…

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  • Jack Goodall's Role In The Great Depression

    of their own. Goodall guided the rebuilding of the decimated Victorian game; the first interstate women 's ice hockey competition in 1922; and the first national association in 1923. During the twenties, he had married a second time, retired as a player (returning briefly only for Kendall 's farewell series), busied himself with setting the sport on a national footing, and regularly presented the Goodall Cup at interstate tournaments. After the Wall Street crash in October 1929, unemployment…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Ice Skating

    Ice Skating And that’s how I broke my leg, just kidding, but I bruised it really badly, here’s the story behind that. was December 2014, my sister had discovered the “joy” of ice skating and was obsessed with it. She constantly asked my parents if her and her friends could go ice skating at the arena. I had never gone ice skating before and asked her one day if I could go with her and her friend Lucy. We got in the car to go pick up Lucy with the usual silence the whole ride. When we…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Life In Black And White

    Every child dreams of the air, of flying like Superman or like the birds, of getting away from the rules and the crowds and the bustle of the ground. We dream of the freedom and escape that flying may bring. Now, I never learned how to fly, that’s impossible, but there are some things out there that get pretty damn close to that feeling. Where I’m from, almost everyone skated: speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, they did it all. I grew up watching Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, and old…

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