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  • Reflection On The Transition From High School To Idaho State University

    The transition from high school to college, Idaho State University, was a much greater experience than I was expecting. Changing environments from a small town, Mackay Idaho, with only five hundred people to a city with thousands of people was a completely different adventure. The transition was a huge experience for me because of the change in the environment, people, and school. I had much more experiences to see and do. When I arrived at Pocatello the environment changed completely from when I left my home town and arrived at college. Coming from a small town with only one store to get groceries, and school supplies, to a city where there are multiple stores to get supplies for school, groceries, and even medical supplies was a difference…

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  • Becoming A Dietitian

    Idaho Department of Labor’s website says that a Dietitian’s annual wage is $51,219. While the annual openings are few (about 9) the 10 year growth is much faster than average according the website (20.6%). It is considered to have a medium employment outlook of 306 in Idaho ( Some may say that that has its risk and disadvantages but I am passionate about nutrition and I know this is what I am supposed to do. Idaho Department of Labor has a lot of things that they advise I…

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  • Sample Cultural Interview Report

    within the community for as long as I have known her. Lineage Melissa was born to Diane and Ray Martos, in San Diego California. Melissa’s parents were first generation American citizens who moved to the United States from Guam during high school. Both of Melissa’s parents are Chamorro, of Pacific Island descent. Melissa grew up and spent all of her adolescence in San Diego surrounded by her mother and father’s extended family. Heritages, Traditions & Customs Some of the main cultural…

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  • Rathdrum Analysis

    shapes you into the person you are today. So, if you were to ask me where I was from, I would gladly tell you I am from Rathdrum, Idaho. A city where only a few truly know what it is like to live here and only a few know how amazing this small city truly is. Rathdrum has been the only place I have ever really known; growing up and being raised here I never have had the appreciation for where I lived that I should’ve. Looking back, I am slightly ashamed of how much I took this wonderful town for…

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  • My Life And Life Of Marci Kathleen Holcomb

    Marci Kathleen Holcomb was born November 18th, 1972. She grew up in a family of six including herself. She had three siblings, one sister, two brothers and loving parents. She grew up in Fruitland, Idaho and attended school in Fruitland and then transferred to Payette at the beginning of her junior year of high school. She was extremely active in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and was very involved with her studies. Both of her parents were teachers in Payette and were also very involved in…

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  • Personal Narrative: Rathdrum, Idaho

    Rathdrum, Idaho Where you are from does not define who you are, but it does shape you into the person you are today. So if you were to ask me where I was from I would gladly tell you I am from Rathdrum, Idaho. A small town where only a few truly know what is like to live here and only a few know how amazing this small city truly is. Rathdrum has been the only place I have ever really known; growing up and being raised here I never have had the appreciation for where I lived. But in hindsight I…

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  • John B. Rayner

    As Texas began to switch from farming to a thriving industrial state, many in Texas began to began to resent the change. Many whites and blacks were tenant farmers or crop shares at the time when the price of cotton bottom out. With the struggle of brought on by lower per points of cotton tenant farmers began to resent the politicians currently in power. Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party needed the black votes, but did nothing to win them. Harrison Ashby said, “the democrats…

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  • Essay On Snake River

    The Snake River rises near the continental divide in Yellowstone National Park. The Snake River leaves Idaho through the Palisades Reservoir. When the Snake reaches Oregon it starts to flow north. This creates the border of Oregon and Idaho for 216 miles. The Snake River flows west and feeds into the Columbia River near Pasco, WA. Throughout the river there are steamboats going through the river, and railroads were built along the side. There is always a bunch of salmon coming through the Snake…

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  • Knowing Our Place Analysis

    enclosed by beautiful peaked mountains, Adventures leading to remarkable destinations. Barbara Kingsolver, the author of the essay "Knowing Our Place", once said, “Our greatest and smallest explanations for ourselves grow from place” (40). This “place” that Barbara is talking about can vary from person to person. It can be as unique as a red barn roof top or as generic as a shadowed bedroom. Everyone has a place like this in mind and it may even change often. Places are special and important…

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  • Valdosta Creative Writing

    On the 10 minute stretch from the City of Mountain Home to Mountain Home Air Force base I cried quietly in the back of the SUV. The trip approximately 3,000 miles across the states to a total alien place became too overwhelming to hold in the tears any longer. I wanted my old life back. I soon realized how much I had lost when I moved so far from my hometown of Valdosta. I lost a physical connection with all of my best friends. Today, I have only one best friend from Valdosta. My family bought…

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