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  • Virtual Group Evaluation Essay

    Domingas Fernandes Evaluation #3 On Wednesday night March 30th, I opened my Blackboard page and noticed that I had a notification from my Virtual Group. My group members had already started the discussion about what Electronic Meeting System we would be using for the assignment. GoogleDoc, being the most widely used, was suggested and everyone seemed to agree with it. We also shared our phone numbers and decided to use iMessage. On the following day, it seemed that everybody forgot that we should be working on the assignment. No one joined me online and we didn’t work until night, which made very upset since I only woke up early to work on the virtual group. I started the GoogleDoc and suggested to talk about Leonardo DiCaprio on Global Warming and Climate Change. Everyone one also seemed to agree, but after that it seemed like no one else knew what to do, or even worse, it appeared that no one was actually willing to do anything. I tried starting the discussion but with no success. Then, I created an outline to guide us on differ from face-to-face. When meeting face-to-face, people can talk directly to each other and receive feedback right away, but it is not the same with virtual groups. For example, after I created the GoogleDoc, I wanted to initiate the discussion, but no one answered. As we studied in class, both the cues-filtered-out and media richness theory suggest that EMS cannot provide the nonverbal cues which made it difficult to establish a sense of group trust…

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  • Paraprofessional Essay

    acceptance. People need to feel that you accept and value what they believe, as well as, what they have to communicate. “Acceptance is communicated by how you listen, look, respond, and interact with others”, (Sharon Vaughn, 2015, p. 131). Additionally, listening and questioning are principles in creating valuable communication with others. As the text describes, listening isn’t just waiting for the other person to finish speaking, its listening to the content and feelings of the message.…

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  • Diversity In The Classroom

    what they believe in or the traditions they set for themselves. Languages, being bilingual and having to learn English or English as your main language and learning another language like Italian. Other types of Diversity can stem from student’s learning disabilities, behavioral, autistic disorders, gifted and talented to name a few. Teachers need to be able to include all diverse students in their classroom. In doing this, they can provide intervention, small group instruction, technology…

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  • Mixed Communication Strategy: Response And Nonresponse Strategies

    Response and nonresponse errors are factors that shape surveys, and minimizing these errors is critical in the mixed communication strategy. A response error occurs when participants fail to answer questions correctly or selects the wrong answer (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 222). To minimizing response errors, directions must be explicit. Likewise, ambiguous questions with a broad application may lead to response errors. Subsequently, simple, specific questions are easier to read, can ease…

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  • Summary: Response To Intervention Model

    Critical response journal two is a reflective response to detailed questions and thoughts pertaining to the response to intervention (RTI) model for intervention. RTI is a multi-tier approach to the early identification, intervention, and support for struggling learners to be successful in the classroom. 1. What principles relating to learning disabilities and the use of RTI to identify them were established by the Office of Special Education Programs in 2001? In August of 2001, the Office…

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  • Non Parametric System Identification Essay

    requires an in depth knowledge of the system and uses more assumptions in modeling. Because of this, parametric system identification may result in unreliable prediction for complex systems where our understanding of the physics of the system is insufficient. Here we used a non-parametric approach as control of walking in humans is a complex task involving many degrees of freedom. We chose to perturb the system using visual perturbations as the input since the optic flow has a profound effect on…

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  • Captain Edith Strong Case Summary

    Inside the law usage industry certainty and motivation is two primary edges to have remembered the actual objective to meet a complete target of accomplishment of any division. This logical examination delineates how Captain Edith Strong could make sense of what she needs to do to bring the certainty and motivation up within the road watch unit for the workplace. According to More, Vito, and Walsh (2009), the officers were feeling in the going with courses about their occupation: "act as…

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  • Mesozooplankton Feeding Analysis

    This is because each functional response has relatively different initial functional response pathways, even though they all are increasing. For analyzing mesozooplankton grazing we would have expected to see the data follow either a Holling type II or III functional response curve. For as Frost discusses in his paper mesozooplankton eventually reach a maximum saturation level, where it no longer matters how much phytoplankton are available they can not consume, nor process them any faster.…

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  • English Language Learners And Response To Referral Considerations: Article Analysis

    This article entitled, “English Language Learners and Response to Intervention: Referral Considerations” is about how to assess whether or not an ELL student has a learning disability or just an English proficiency problem. It starts out with information about a response to intervention model and the steps needed to take to ensure that these students are properly assessed. The RTI model integrates a multitier preventive instructional system that uses evidence-based data to make a decision of…

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  • Response To Intervention Analysis

    An analysis of Response to Intervention (RTI) reveals progress in closing the achievement gap in Reading and Math. Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of Response to Intervention (RTI) in closing the achievement gap in regards to ethnicity and race. Teachers use RTI in classrooms to encourage a positive impact on closing the achievement gap between various ethnicities. In this article, we will determine the effect of RTI on closing the achievement gap between three ethnicity…

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