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  • Songbird Predation Essay

    Discussion of the effects of Perceived Predation affecting Songbird Offsprings. An assessment was done to observe the effects of perceived predation risk in a free-living population of song sparrows. The sparrows were found on several of the small Gulf Islands (British Columbia, Canada). The focus was only on perceived predation consequently direct predation was eliminated. The method to eliminate the direct killing by a predator was by electrifying nests and barricading with seine nets. In order to ensure that direct predation was strictly prevented, video surveillance system was incorporated in the experiment to watch over the nests. To trigger the songbirds of predation risk, the researchers prepared playlists of sounds of predator…

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  • The Effect Of Crab Predation On Snail Shell Synthesis

    Evolution by natural selection and predator induced phenotypic plasticity are mechanisms that have been proposed to describe the effect of crab predation on snail shell thickness. Biologist Robin Seeley hypothesized that the periwinkle populations of New England evolved by natural selection as the European green crab was introduced to the area (Seeley, 1986). The three requirements for evolution by natural selection are that there is variation among a population, the variation is partly…

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  • Countershaded Prey

    the finds of previous research (Edmunds & Dewhist, 1994; Speed et al., 2005; Rowland 2007) that also showed a significant difference in predation amounts between these two prey groups. This result indicates that the two functions of countershading are responsible for the increase in crypsis and therefore the decrease in predation. Firstly, as self-shadow concealment is present in the countershaded prey and not the uniformly white prey lower detection occurred. This is due to the perception of…

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  • Procyon Lotor Hypothesis

    To determine whether smaller species strictly avoid areas where larger predatory species are present. How carnivore species interact can have important implications for other species in addition to carnivores Hypothesis/Question: (this study had two testable predictions) H1: Coyote predation is an important cause of mortality in raccoon populations. H2: Raccoons avoid areas used by…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Invasive Species

    are the result of direct predation (Chappell, et al., 2016). Invasive species can be plants, animals, fish, fungi, or even single celled organisms such as bacteria. Outside forces such as human interferences are how invasive…

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  • Coevolution: On The Origin Of Species

    Escape and radiate coevolution necessitates the development of a trait or traits in one of the interacting species which provides an extreme advantage over the other and results in its rapid speciation into multiple lineages. The evolution of a particularly effective defense mechanism may render a species effectively immune to predation for a period of time, until a predator species counter-adapts in response, allowing for adaptive radiation unimpeded by predation (Futuyma). Escape and radiate…

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  • Reproductive Behaviors Of Terrestrial Animals

    Schooling, a common behavioural adaptation amongst prey fish, requires them to gather in a large group of fish swimming together (called a shoal). Once in a shoal, the fish adopt either passive or active technique to evade predation. Killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) use a passive predator deterrence technique wherein, simply forming a school in the presence of predators. Research suggests that a group of active prey fish reduce the chance of being caught simply by swimming in a shoal. This may…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Wolf Reintroduction In Colorado

    result of wolf reintroduction. Wolves defend their territories and food resources fiercely, and most of the coyote deaths occurred when the coyotes tried to take advantage of a wolf kill (Yellowstone Wolf and Coyote: Brothers That Don 't Get Along). With the wolves helping to control the coyote population, the prey normally eaten by those coyotes would be more plentiful for foxes, birds of prey and other smaller predator species. This could then aid in further balancing the overall ecosystem in…

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  • Red Lionfish Essay

    life history and behavioral traits make them an atypical marine invasive species because they facilitate their continued spread and population growth (Arias-González JE and al. 2011; Raloff J. 2006). These traits include the facts that P. volitans can reach sexual maturity within one year, all the while having high reproductive output, and experiencing virtually almost no predation of their own, due to their possession of large, venomous dorsal, pelvic and anal spines (Arias-González JE and al.…

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  • Mesozooplankton Feeding Analysis

    For instance, the experimental method used to measure microzooplankton through a natural and uncontrolled community is a more accurate representation of what is actually happening out in the natural world. However, this method does make it harder to understand and interpret the results, as it is not a controlled system. Therefore, we do not entirely know what specific species and or organisms are present within the sample and cannot prevent the microzooplankton themselves from being grazed upon.…

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