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  • Introduction To Grammar Conventions In The English Language

    All clauses contain a subject, a predicate, and a verb. The difference between these three components will be distinguished in the examples below. In order to be able to identify clauses, you should also know that there are four main types of clauses: independent, dependent, relative, and noun. Independent clauses An independent clause is a sentence that can stand on its own and that forms a complete thought. Every independent clause will follow the same pattern of SUBJECT + PREDICATE/VERB = COMPLETE SENTENCE. The sentence “Productive students receive good grades” is an example of an independent clause. Students = subject; receive good grades = predicate; receive = verb. Another example is “The cat jumped.” Cat = subject; jumped = predicate; jumped = verb. Although the second example is less complex than the first, they are both complete sentences as they both contain a subject, a verb, and a predicate. Dependent…

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  • Separate Peace Theme

    Gene, is the first amongst his friends to enlist in war during which, Leper becomes delusional. He explains to Gene that “‘it was only--’ he drew in his breath so sharply that it made a whistling sound --’the idea of his face on a woman’s body. That’s what made me psycho. Ideas like that. I don’t know. I guess they must be right. I guess I am psycho. I guess I must be. I must be. Did you ever have ideas like that?” (149). The first sentence of this passage is rather elongated with added details…

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  • Analysis Of Madison's Story 'The End'

    Interaction For this writing assessment I asked my student, Madison, to write about whatever she wanted. Madison did not need any prompts and began writing right away. She wrote independently for almost five minutes. Afterwards, Madison read back her story all in a similar tone until the last sentence, where she used some expression to say, “The end!” Qualitative Analysis The story Madison wrote was a personal narrative about her experience of playing with a friend outside and getting hurt.…

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  • Ontological Argumentative Analysis

    existence is a predicate or not. On one hand, the Ontological argument contends that existence is a predicate to perfection. On the other hand, Kant disputes that existence is not a “real predicate” to perfection because it does not give attributes to explain the existence of God, therefore, making existence a special case. I will be discussing the idea of a special case and how the Ontological argument fails to recognize the idea of it, where the Teleological argument strongly supports the idea…

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  • Analysis Of Rene Descartes 'Ontological Argument'

    The Ontological Exercise: The Cartesian and Kantian Positions In the book Philosophy of Religion, John Hicks summarizes the main point of Rene Descartes’s version of the ontological argument as: “The essence or defining nature of each kind of thing includes certain predicates, and Descartes’s ontological argument claims that existence must be among the defining predicates of God… [s]o existence is a necessary characteristic of a supremely perfect being” (Hick 18). The main premise of…

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  • Verbal Aspect Analysis

    The simple present and the present progressive encode semantic meaning through a combination of devices. From general to specific, these semantic devices are: (a) nature of the specific verbal aspect, (b) inherent semantic properties of the verb, (c) aspectual classes of the verb, and (d) core meanings of the verb predicate. Below is the essence of each semantic device, presented in the order just mentioned. Nature of Verbal Aspect. Exploration of the nature of verbal aspect can be traced back…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Happiness And Reality

    begin with the analysis of judgment. This leads to the logical and real possibility of objects. The problem then is finding out in what judgements real possibility of an object as opposed to logical possibility is. The consistency of an object that is the content of the subject thought. For example, predicate “B” belongs to subject “A” as something hidden in the latter concept. In this sample nothing new is added by the predicate to the concept of the subject. The mind does not need to go on…

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  • Examples Of Racketeering

    demonstrations of renumeration make an example of racketeering action. The pertinent dates demonstrate that the example proceeded until well inside even the state impediment. RICO denies a man from taking part in an "example racketeering movement." 18 U.S.C. § 1962(c). "Racketeering movement" is characterized, for motivations behind this case, as gift or coercion "which is chargeable under State law and culpable for over one year." 18 U.S.C. § 1961(1)(A). Davis fights that indictment for every…

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  • Descartes Mind: The Existence Of God

    The second part of this argument focuses on the definition of God but is perceived so clearly and distinctly. The idea of God is of a supremely perfect being. A supremely perfect being has all perfections. Existence is a predicate of a perfect being, therefore, God must exist to avoid being self-contradictory. Therefore, God exists. Moreover, existence is a predicate of God, because as a most perfect being, God must possess existence, otherwise he would not be perfect. In Descartes mind, the…

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  • On Denoting Russell Analysis

    translate it to FOL (Kaplan). Russell holds that since denoting phrases do not represent denoting concepts, they cannot have a meaning in isolation and that the meaning of denoting phrases only contributes to the meaning of the whole sentence. For Russell, denoting phrases stand for universal and existential quantifiers in logic. Since there is no way of symbolizing denoting phrases such as “everything”, “every student”, “something”, “some student”, then they cannot have a meaning in isolation.…

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