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  • What Is Descartes's Existence

    Descartes’ journey through the realm of his mind and his internal exploration of all the things he previously thought to be certainly true, brings him to the subject of the existence of God in his Third Meditation. Before he touches on the existence of God, he concludes that there are three different types of ideas. There are fictional and adventitious ideas which Descartes’ creates on his own and finally there are innate ideas which are present in the mind at birth. With these types of ideas in mind, he begins to tackle the idea of God and which category he falls under. Many people have their doubts about whether that anything could possibly be infinite. Descartes first touches on how the possibility of an infinite entity is possible in order…

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  • Argument For The Existence Of God

    But even on this charitable construal, the conclusion "Therefore, God almost certainly does not exist" does not follow from these six steps, even if we concede that each of them is true and justified. Eight Reasons in Support of God’s Existence (Prof. William Lane Craig, 2013) Craig believes that God’s existence best explains a wide range of the data of human experience. Let me briefly mention eight such cases. (I) God is the best explanation why anything at all…

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  • The Importance Of God's Existence

    God’s attributes are eternal (P19) His features, also known as attributes, would be absurd that they can end or expire or also commence to anything else other than God’s own purposes. (P20) says God’s existence and his essence are on and the same, which the same attributes of God would better explain why God’s eternal essence at the same time of his existence, to be precise, that itself which starts God’s spirit at the same time institutes his presence. God is neither an existing thing nor an…

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  • God: The Existence Of God

    The Existence of God The question of whether God exists or not is a difficult question to answer because there is no definite proof to prove He exists. It has been such a controversial topic that to this day there is still no universally accepted answer. A scientific point of view and a religious point of view, both have their own reasons and speculations and although some points are mutually accepted, there is no mutual answer to this question. A great majority in the scientific side will…

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  • Proof Of God's Existence

    God’s existence has been a topic of discussion for believers and non-believers alike. When discussing the existence of God one must consider the acceptance of Him by faith. If one does not have belief and trust no argument given for His existence will be accepted. The proof of God’s existence even goes beyond our planet and into the universe. The universe, the place where scientists believe time began. Many times we tend to overlook the simple things that are in front of us as signs of God’s…

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  • Psalm 13: The Existence Of God

    The Existence of God The existence of God has been debated through the history of man. Many philosophers argue that they may or may not be a God or the idea that many different Gods exist. But if you think logical you will realize the debate on God existence can be seen as a myth for many reason. The lack of knowledge or the limited knowledge of God existing leaves behind a gap in history. Therefore, the possibly idea of finding a missing part of history is impossible. The reality of it all is…

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  • Anselm's Philosobolism: The Existence Of God

    God existence Introduction In answering the question concerning the existence of the living of the greatest being God, some considerations are put into place. Those considerations include discoveries by astronomists and arguments by philosophers. The existence of God is discussed well in books such as the assortments of the world and these are important as they reveal that truly the greatest being existed. It is true that the leading argument about the existence of God was presented by Anselm…

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  • Descartes Proof Of Existence Essay

    The existence of a soul and its connection to the human body is debated often in metaphysics, since its substance could possibly prove or disclaim the existence of life after the body dies. If the soul exists, and is unrelated to the body, then it may possibly continue on without a corporeal form. If the soul is a byproduct of the body, than it is just as mortal, and will cease to exist when the heart stops. It is my belief that the soul is the result of thought, and is unconnected to the human…

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  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

    Descartes’s mission in the meditations was to doubt everything and that what remained from his doubting could be considered the truth. This lead Descartes to argue for the existence of God. For the purpose of this paper, I will first discuss Descartes’s argument for the existence of God within the third and fifth meditations. I will then take issue with three of Descartes arguments. Descartes argues that some ideas are more real than others. These ideas are those that represent…

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  • Parmenides Argument For The Existence Of God

    with Maria. The principle of “ex nihilo nihil” is quite important to his argument about the perfection of the world. It is impossible that the world could be created from nothing, since, according to Parmenides, “what is not” cannot exist. From this premise, he argues that since there is nothing that can be called what-is-not the world cannot have any deficiencies, since deficiency would imply the existence of “what-is-not. While this argument is logical, the next step he takes is less…

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