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  • Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy Essay

    the company, so they were no longer able to post on social media using the business name. Law enforcement is also very restrictive when it comes to social media. I have a cousin who is a prison guard. She is restricted from using her real name on Facebook to protect her from inmates and their families who could find the guards and retaliate against them. I could see hospitals being another business that would want to avoid social media. This is to ensure that patients are not recorded in compromising positions. 2. Discuss the concept of a "reasonable expectation of privacy." Would this apply in workplace settings? Are companies within their rights to monitor computer use? “Reasonable expectation of privacy is the basis for some common law claims of invasion of privacy. Where an individual is notified that information will be shared or space will not be private, there is likely no reasonable expectation of privacy (Hartman, DesJardins, MacDonald, 2014, pg. 577).” In my opinion, this would apply in workplace setting. In my previous profession, they gave us cell phones and laptops. They encouraged us to get rid of our personal devices and internet to save money. We were told we could use the devices for both work and personal reasons. They didn’t restrict any sites. They did have us sign a waiver saying they could…

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  • Case Study: Woods V. Hobby

    The fact that the yacht was named Privacy would not have an impact on the case because the name of the yacht is irrelevant and unimportant to the case. It would make a difference if the contract for building the yacht had a clause prohibiting the use of Woods’ likeness without his permission because it would boost his argument for breach of privacy. However, with or without a contract clause he could still sue Christensen Shipyards for using his name and likeness without his permission. 3.…

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  • Bitch Planet

    of Future Technology To Force Individuals To Comply to Mandatory Expectations Through examining the use of technology and how the idea of this futuristic practices and institutions influence the non-compliant convicts. In Bitch Planet the theory of a panopticon, transparency; holographic and artificially intelligent technology create an unruly prison that is constantly under surveillance. Focusing on the corruption in future technology and how it affects individuals that are susceptible…

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  • The Importance Of Electronic Surveillance

    Big Brother Is Legally Watching: An Insight Into Workplace Surveilance Abstract The paper is a brief insight into electronic surveillance in the workplace. It focuses on what video surveillance is; and what methods are used, such as monitoring phone usage, video surveillance, monitoring email, internet usage, GPS surveillance of company vehicles and cell phones; and why these methods are adopted within the workplace. It also focuses on the legal risk of electronic surveillance with the…

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  • National Surveillance Agency Analysis

    Many users on the internet distrust communication, sharing, and storing in fear of government surveillance. Many cannot express their will freely because they are aware the government will be supervising their data. If people know that there is a government data base that records information and stores every search or call, this poses a chilling effect for their free speech. The large amounts of data removes a person’s ability to move on from past experiences if it can be recalled (Schneier…

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  • Vtech Data Breach Case Study

    VTech, the company, is a direct stakeholder of this information issue of children privacy getting compromised as a result of the data breach. VTech strives to provide innovation through technology. This is resonated in their mission statement which says, “To design, manufacture and supply innovative, high quality products that minimize any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for our stakeholders and communities” (VTech Holdings Limited, n.d.). While the mission statement…

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  • Why Is Personal Data Privacy Important?

    Data privacy is an important topic among many people around the world. The idea of personal data being shared orally, online, or otherwise is a major source of concern. Some data is shared voluntarily, such as among family and friends within social networks, and some is involuntary, such as when organizations trade personal data like currency. Organizations that collect data without prior notification are potentially putting people at risk for years of turmoil from problems such as identity…

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  • The Importance Of Privacy In Prisons

    Prisons and mental institutions, like hospitals, do not preserve personal space and privacy and invade personal space/privacy when needed to. Despite this, most humans consider prisons and hospitals as morally permissible because they serve to maximize happiness and minimize pain. These places are still invading personal space/privacy, so their actions would be no better than what computer hackers do since invasion of privacy is immoral by human standards. Although the invasion of privacy by…

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  • Analyse The Plantfiff Case Summary

    In this case we are faced with an employee caught in the crossfire or an employee setting boundaries to protect employees, students and other involved, but also violates those same groups right to privacy. Under most circumstances, those employed by the city, state or federal government are subjected to limited privacy. Organization are often uncertain were to draw the line between protecting the company’s assets and employees while providing a safe and secure work and school environment. In…

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  • The Fourth Amendment Protects People Not Places Essay

    The statement, “The Fourth Amendment protects people, not places,” is one of the most controversial statements in Criminal Procedure. The amendment’s purpose is to secure individuals’ rights to privacy within their houses, papers, and defends them against unreasonable searches and seizures. However, to what extent does the law preserve a person’s privacy? The Law of Search and Seizure and the Search Warrant, give the government strict to stipulations as to how they are able to rightfully obtain…

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