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  • Fault In Our Stars Thesis

    cancer. Let’s get one thing straight, THIS isn’t a “cancer book” but one about the thoughts and effects of cancer on people affected by it. One of Hazel’s deepest fears is hurting those who love her and this is portrayed when she says “I am a grenade”. Her anxiety of hurting those close causes the strains between her relationship with Augustus and her parents. Doctors told Hazel that depression was a side effect of cancer, however, Hazel’s belief is that everything is a side effect of dying. This is a raw portrayal of Hazel’s realistic perspective on mortality and the existence of an “expiration date”. This is what the book is about, centering on the unspoken truth that everyone is going to die and we all have our own “side effect” to deal and live with. We are bound to meet the “expiration date” whether it is our own or someone else’s. For me, there were two fast-approaching expiration dates, all thanks to a good family friend, cancer. Around the time that I read this book, my father’s uncle - Uncle Spider we called him - was diagnosed with cancer after being in remission for a few months. Shortly after his death, my great-grandfather Ed was diagnosed with cancer a second time and passed away only a year after his son Spider. I read this book knowing what cancer does to individuals and their loved ones. You tend to look back on life more, break open a picture album or five, and tend to get so carried away with making every day so special you find yourself making a meal so…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Date Essay

    tried to look the part you weren’t really expecting this sort of date, you were expecting something more informal. Although, what could you expect from a person whose Tinder profile was filled with refined tastes. Despite this being the first time you see each other you can already tell that the other is looking for a more personal and longer relationship. You, on the other hand, are not ready for that type of relationship, and now are stuck trying to find a way out. All this could have been…

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  • Descriptive Essay On First Date

    a first date. Everyone has this idea that being asked on a first date is the scariest part, but in actuality, it is going on that first date that is scary. If the date goes well, then that leads to the second date, the third date, and sometimes more that. However, the first date, it seems to lay the groundwork for the future relationship, if there is one. Now, each person may have a different experience when he or she goes on a first date. The majority of first dates may end differently, with…

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  • Date Rape Drug Research Paper

    Ecstasy: The friendly terminator Given the opportunity to choose which kind of drug I want to be, I would choose to become a date rape drug. Google defines a date-rape drug as a drug that causes temporary loss of memory and is given to individuals in order to facilitate rape or sexual abuse, defines a date-rape drug. The reason I would choose o become this drug is merely because they are powerful and dangerous. My success and efficiency as a date-rape drug is always guaranteed owing not only…

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  • In-Depth Interview Analysis

    locker room changing for p.e and a few of the boys said they are not changing if front of this faggot, I felt so alone middle and high school was the worst time of my life”. Then he opened up more and told me “when I told my family I was gay my father didn’t want to accept that his son was gay, he had me see a psychiatric he want to try to turn me straight. For a year I went to the psychiatric and since it didn’t work my father kicked me out our home, I was only 17 years old I had no place to go…

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  • Date Rape Research Paper

    Date rape is sexual activity which is forced on a date by someone the victim knows and most commonly occurs at parties. Rape is when you are forced to have sexual activity by someone you may not know. The number of people being raped by they met online increased. In most cases of date rape, date rape drugs were used. Date rape drugs can cause you to pass out or be paralyzed. Date rape drugs are found most commonly at parties in the punch or alcoholic beverages. Nothing should be drinking from…

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  • Informative Speech On Drinking Spiking

    Dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, tiredness, blurred vision, and paranoia; these are only a few of the possible symptoms that can come from a drink being contaminated with Rohypnol (the most commonly used date rape drug) and other drugs. In other words, a drink that has been spiked. There are times when we are so caught up in having a good time that we tend to overlook what is happening right under our noses. Many college campuses all around the country have experienced the unfortunate…

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  • The Importance Of Drinking Age

    “Before the minimum drinking age law, 16- to 20-year-olds were the most common drunken drivers. When the drinking age was raised, the number of fatal crashes involving a young driver dropped significantly, from 61% in 1982 to 31% in 1995.” Maturity is a factor that varies within every person, by allowing 18 year olds to drink, higher levels of violence can be sure to occur. Alcohol has been declared as one of the most popular date rape drugs amongst 20-25 year olds in America. Spiking drinks…

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  • Baby, It's Cold Outside: Date Rape

    The Christmas season has finally arrived, bringing with it the revival of classic holiday songs that take up a majority of play time on the radio. Everyone has songs they either adore or hate, and some people just cannot stand holiday music all together. However, no song this season has received more attention and backlash than “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” With the lyrics, “Say, what’s in this drink?” and “Oh baby don’t hold out,” many have claimed that the song implies date rape. Although the…

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  • Can T Reality Be Beautiful?

    WOULDN 'T reality be beautiful if love came knocking on your door? Your eyes would outshine luna, blood would creep up your neck to your cheeks and then to the tips of your ears, your lips would curve upwards mimicking a parabola, and your heart. My god, your fist-sized heart. One magical muscle. Your heart would race like it 's participating in the Olympics in the summer. It 'd give you such a high emotion that the first thought that crosses your mind will embarrasse you when you think…

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