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  • Advantages Of Irrational Tectonic

    Irrational Tectonic is not efficiency. Not like rational tectonic pursuing maximum commercial value of space, Irrational Tectonic doesn’t care about the commercial value of space, which is enclosed by itself, it’s more like a representation of architect’s ideal world. No skyscraper allows Irrational Tectonic because it would reduce the space but increase the difficulty of construction. UK Pavilion for Shanghai world expo 2010 is no model of “efficiency” because of its Irrational thick wall, which is constituted by thousands of plastic bars, as a structure. In addition, plastic bars that stored the seed are not efficient, the amount of seeds can be stored in any cargo truck. Moreover, the only space inside the pavilion is far smaller than the residual space between the plastic bars…

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  • Irrational Tectonic Definition

    Fujimoto’s Serpentine Pavilion is grey. He expanded the component arbitrary, and the transparency turn to opaque by stake the components. The transparency of the building also is changing when your personal perspective changes. Otherwise, the component could expand to anywhere, the building is an endless grey space which is created by the Irrational Tectonic. Irrational Tectonic is not efficiency… Not like rational tectonic pursuing maximum value of space, Irrational Tectonic don’t care about…

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  • Lighthouse Mystery Ebook Analysis

    It may be argued that technology dominates modern society and now plays an integral part in everyday life (Aduwa-Ogiegbaen and Iyamu, 2005; Cennamo, Ertmer, and Ross, 2013; Stafford, 2010). Technological advancements and increasing access to technology within the home is enabling children to develop a growing array of digital skills, knowledge, and understanding from an early age (Medcalfe, 2013; Cennamo, Ertmer, and Ross, 2013). Children must now become computer literate in order to access the…

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  • Early Years Curriculum

    the new Labour government, the new government made development with the progression in early years. The progression made lead to the fabrication of Early Years Development and Childcare Plans, which happened a year later in 1998. In 1998 came the National Childcare Strategy, Brodie (2013), discusses about the strategy being launched by the Labour government to bring care and education together creating an important move for children and families (Wall 2011). The Government put in place the…

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  • Value Of Homework

    A student should find their assignment to be meaningful, not take up to much time, and is attractive to the eye (Carr, 2014, p. 174). While homework can impact achievement, if the family is not able to assist the student, it can lead to more stress and frustrations amoung multiple parties (Carr, 2013, pg. 170). When planning, consideration of families is important. Homework should be accessible for all students. Teachers must be mindful of additional costs, technology, and materials that are…

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  • The Manifestations Of Resistance To Change In The Bpjs: Case Study

    The Manifestations of Resistance to Change in the SJSN Changes that occur in the social security system in Indonesia get responses from stakeholders, such as doctors as health professionals (Jamsosindonesia, 2012; Roszandi, 2013), hospitals as health care facilities (Kistyarini, 2014; Afrianti and Nurbaya,2014), employees who are members of the social security (Andrian, 2010; Kasbi, 2012; Paramita, 2013), and the social security institutions in the pre-SJSN (Nurismarsyah, 2011; Nababan, 2014).…

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  • Social Cognitive Career Theory: Intrapersonal And Environmental Factors And Challenges?

    Nauta (2010) suggested Holland’s vocational theory would be best utilized to provide individuals with a general scope of occupations, rather than a specific job. Nauta (2010) also cautioned counselors to recognize that some individuals may not have the luxury to choose their career based off of interests. Sirbu et al. (2014) argued, that in order to maximize efficiency, businesses should take an active strategic role in the development of employees. Certain strategies may include consistent…

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  • Medicare Reimbursement Analysis

    The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) is about to turn the way you 're paid by Medicare completely upside down. Effective Jan. 1, 2017, how you participate with this new program determines whether your future Medicare reimbursement will be increased or decreased. It all depends on the data you submit. And although the data submission requirements are somewhat based on several quality reporting systems you may be familiar with (Physician Quality Reporting System…

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  • Why Do Online Programs Increase Student Enrollment In Online Education?

    For almost a decade, student enrollment rates in online educational programs have greatly increased and exceeded overall student enrollment in higher education (Allen & Seaman, 2010). These numbers are expected to continue to rise each year, particularly due to the downturn of the economy, including rising unemployment rates and increased fuel costs (Allen & Seaman, 2008; Allen & Seaman, 2010). Furthermore, many adult learners are returning to online programs to further their education because…

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  • Living Alone Among Older Adults: A Case Study

    community service center, which responds back to the older adult and confirms if any treatment or transfer to a hospital is needed (Fallis et al., 2007; Porter, 2005). The ERC dispatches help and contacts the relatives/friends/neighbors of the older adult after confirming the incident and transporting the elder to the hospital if required (Craig-Massey, 2013; Dibner, 1990). In the US, there are 1.5 million PERS subscribers (Otto, 2010). Popular brands of PERS include Lifeline, Life Alert, Med…

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