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  • Research Paper On Epictetus

    Epictetus was a pronounced stoic philosopher. Born a slave, he eventually gained freedom and lived the rest of his life peacefully in Greece. Although he had humble origins, Epictetus gained an immense following. Epictetus argued that philosophy is not just a learning, but a way of life. Epictetus’ conviction inspired many. Epictetus’s basic philosophical anthropology urges one to differentiate between what is in one’s control, and what is outside one’s control. Through this process, one would be able to accept that terrible circumstances are not terrible in themselves, but that our perception makes it so. To begin with, Epictetus inclines that the world is divided into what is within our control, and what is outside of it. For example, our own feelings and affairs are our own and therefore in our control, but our body, power, reputation and material possessions are outside of our control and therefore not our own. To Epictetus, this division is essential for happiness, for if we know something is out of our control, it cannot affect us. “And if it concerns anything beyond your power, be prepared to say that it is nothing to you” (216), or else you will uselessly struggle over a battle than cannot be won. For instance, if one can accept that death is out of one’s control, and it is the natural outcome of all lifeforms, then there is no reason to be scared of it—because nothing can be done to prevent it. Death, specifically, can never be avoided forever. Epictetus…

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  • Erikson's Theory Explaining Bullying Behavior

    Erik Erikson is a prominent psychologist who emerged from studying under and expanding the teachings of Freud to extend post childhood and include the adulthood stages of life. Erikson’s theory is different because he studied how all the stages of life are connected. Teachings and behaviors learned in childhood, follow an individual into adulthood. This paper will discuss how Erikson’s theory can help to explain the behavior of a third grader who is bullying and provide some approaches to…

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  • Comparing Metropolis And George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

    as Lang focuses on a close up of his impervious stare. The symbol of “Moloch” further embodies the corruption of the system, heightened by the temple imagery and use of shadows in contrast to Freder’s clutching of his heart. The stylistic features of German Expressionism intensify the criticism of a political landscape which prioritises commercial imperatives above human welfare. 1984 moves beyond Lang’s vision of social repression to include a manipulation of history, memory, and time through…

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  • The Saddest Superhero Analysis

    enables critics to deconstruct the content of artifacts to reveal the implicit messages that reflect society’s values and opinions, which can be used in Cowherd’s essay. Cowherd’s “Saddest Superhero” essay is included in his anthology, Raw, which was published in 2015 following the author’s initial success of his first book, You Herd Me! I’ll say it if nobody else will. This artifact is in response to Starbucks’ 2015 “Race Together” campaign, which was “intended to decrease racial injustice and…

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  • To The Lighthouse Symbolism

    the world dissolves into chaos is made most apparent in the section of the novel entitled "Time Passes". The evenings were characterized as "full of wind and destruction", aligned with a series of tragedies (105). First, "Mrs Ramsay…died rather suddenly" (105). Shortly afterward, "Prue Ramsay died…in some illness connected with childbirth" (108). And finally, during the war "twenty or thirty young men were blown up in France" including "Andrew Ramsay" (109) Time is represented as being as…

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  • The Universe In Steven Dick's The Biological Universe

    “chosen” status or diminished by knowing humanity is a galactic anomaly. Nevertheless, although it may be somewhat disheartening to know Earth is an isolated example, it wouldn’t necessarily be considerably different from how humanity has progressed and evolved through millennia already. The debate regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life seems to be more thought experiment than anything else, as the vast number of unknowns and possibilities prevent confidence in either direction, if…

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  • The Importance Of Reward In Schools

    order for the children in a school to understand what is being asked of them. “Rules alone do not guarantee good behaviour; they should be related to rewards and sanctions” Arthur. J & Cremin. T (2010, p.136). This supports the active use of rewards that will have a positive effect on the children’s behaviour and subsequently, their work, knowledge and understanding. Particularly though, in the context of stickers. Strengths I believe that a potential benefit to children is that children may…

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  • Motivation And External Motivation

    In this case, the employees would become more acceptable to all the changes happened in the business because they had gained enough knowledge and knew how to deal with the situation. Employees would attain the inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise one 's capacities, to explore, and to learn (Deci & Ryan, 1985). One of the main issues that caused the crisis in Engstrom Auto Mirror plant was that the employees understood too little about the Scanlon Rewarding…

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  • Rist Case Study

    An advance from the bank enables the borrower to spend to-day an income which he will in fact receive only later, but he will not spend that income since it will be used to repay the advance” (p. 198). Thus, “[b]ank-notes are claims on a defined quantity of gold. Paper money is a means of payment whose purchasing power over goods (or gold) is fixed on the market according to variations in supply and demand. It is a legal claim, and it is only the law which gives it the power to settle debts” (p.…

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  • Physician Assisted Death Persuasive Speech

    nothing more than a science experiment or political resource. The thing that elevates Western society above others, generally speaking, is the value we put on each and every life.” (balancedpolitics.org) America’s want and ability to save good face for the public eye is not a good enough reason. The United States is outlawing human freedom; which undermines the constitution. Stephen Hawking was announced by ProCon.org that he was pro-PAD in a statement he released on the website, “I think those…

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