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  • Six Great Extinction Events

    The Six Great Extinctions Extinction is just another word used for the dying off of one species or of many species. Since the beginning of time there have been five mass extinction and then some smaller extinctions. Either big or small, they play a huge role in the evolution of the species around us. Whether they were a common ancestor, or a close relative to an organism, they still helped the organisms we know today evolve and adapt to the environment that we now share. During the extinction events some species are more probable to survive than others are (Futuyma 173). Amphibians have survived through many of the great extinctions (Kolbert, 2009). They once were an all marine organism but have evolved throughout time and now can live on…

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  • Sex, Disasters, And The Extinction Of Dinosaurs By Stephen Jay Gould

    they became extinct. Ultimately, only a major catastrophe could completely dismantle an entire species, let alone a body of dinosaurs. Consequently, the debacle on the causes of dinosaur extinction have baffled the minds of paleontologists for centuries. Geologist and zoologist Stephen Jay Gould published “Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs,” to compare scientific and speculative causes of dinosaur extinction. This passage is highly informative and enjoyable. Gould…

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  • The Camariid Period: The Ordovician Period

    a sudden explosion of life on earth. The climate of the Cambrian Period was relatively cold at first, but then started to gradually warm up. Halfway through this period life started to go extinct. The second period in the Paleozoic Era was the Ordovician Period. During this time, life underwater went through some tremendous changes. Also, a variety of marine life flourished also plants were beginning to appear on land also most of the world's land masses came together to form the super…

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  • Examples Of Macroevolution

    Some examples of macroevolution include the impact that mass extinctions have on the diversity of life, the appearance of terrestrial vertebrates through speciation, and the basis of key adaptations. An example of this is flight in birds. Another example of macroevolution is a species named Primula kewensis, which came into existence because of the crossbreeding of two hybrid primrose species, Primula verticillata and Primula floribunda. Sedimentary rocks We do not know the actual, or…

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  • Mass Extinction In Movies

    The Massest of Mass Extinctions With all the post-apocalyptic themed movies coming out of Hollywood, most people are probably familiar with the concept of a mass extinction. In those kind of movies the cause is often a manmade problem, such as nuclear war. However, in the earth’s distant past, we were not around to destroy ourselves. So what happened? 250 million years ago the Permian period came to an end in a mass extinction causing 95% of species living in the ocean to die (Cort, 2006). To…

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  • Causes Of The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

    The Road to Extinction Dinosaurs have captured the whole world’s attention and curiosity. How did they come to be extinct? What factors led to this downfall? Are they completely extinct? All these questions additional to several others have aroused among many scientists. Although the extinction of the dinosaurs was the smallest one it seems to be the most discussed (Meyer, 2016, personal communication). So what was the cause of the end of these grand creatures? In the article “The ‘Great…

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  • Dinosaur Extinction Essay

    explain the extinction which took place 65 million years ago. One of the main reasons was the possibility of a sudden change in the climate or atmosphere. For instance, a nearby supernova explosion could heat up the upper atmosphere, disturbing the ozone layer. Disturbing the ozone layer could produce large ice clouds which would cool the environment. If the dinosaurs were cold blooded they would not have been able to survive the horrible winters. Unlike mammals today, dinosaurs were not able…

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  • The Excerpt Crash Course By Nancy Honovich

    The excerpt Crash Course (Nancy Honovich) describes what asteroids are and everything about them to how often they occur and how close they have to be to be too close for comfort. At the beginning of the story, it tells about what asteroids are and their history. They even said that a comet called the Shoemaker-Levy 9 sped towards Jupiter at sixty kilometers a second. That is really fast! It also told about how sixty-five million years ago, it is thought that one measly asteroid could have…

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  • Mass Extinction Paper

    (2001), and Barnosky et al. (2011) talked about the impact of mass extinction on the biological history of earth. Benton (1995) talked about how mass extinction drives diversification in the biological community, Erwin (2001) discussed on how species recovery occurs after mass extinction and Barnosky et al. (2011) talked about the possibility of future mass extinction based on the comparison between the present and past extinction data. According to Benton (1995), the massive…

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  • Pollution Essay: The Ice Age

    global warming events were almost always extremely destructive towards life, causing mass extinctions such as at the end of the Triassic era. The Triassic period is the geologic time that ranges from about 251 to 199 million years ago; first period of the Mesozoic era, following the Permian and preceding the Jurassic period. Both the beginning and ending period of the Triassic are marked by major extinction events. During the Triassic Period, nearly all of the Earth land masses was focused…

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