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  • What Is The Link Between Socioeconomic/Educational Status And Awareness Of Climate Change?

    irreversible climate change effects requires mitigation and adaptation tools. The poor minorities of society are expected to be more severely impacted by the effects of climate change; generally, these minorities are less educated and geographically displaced in already problematic and polluted areas. These groups may have less capacity to be prepared and to respond to hazards created by extreme weather events and—even less, to be able to recover from climate disasters. To protect disadvantaged segments of society from extreme climate events, awareness of climate change represents a crucial starting point. My research question is: “Is there a link between socioeconomic/educational status and awareness of climate change?”…

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  • Essay On Armistice Day

    homes, but businesses and agricultural industries took a big hit. “Icy winds killed hundreds of apple trees, and planting a new orchard was expensive,” Simmons informed. Before the Armistice Day blizzard, Iowa was abundant in apple trees and orchards and the blizzard left the fields bare. Soybeans and corn replaced the old orchards because they were easier and faster to grow. The landscape had changed dramatically after the massive storm. The losses on Armistice Day, back in 1940 were felt in…

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  • Climate Change Has Degrade The Health Of Humans And The Environment

    change will make it more difficult to grow crops, raise animals, and catch fish in the same ways and same places as we have done in the past (EPA 2016). In addition to food production, climate changes impacts human health. Air pollution leads to asthma and cardiovascular disease. Severe weather causes injuries, fatalities, and mental health impacts. Extreme heat can lead to dehydration, heat stroke, or even death. Climate change also impacts water and food quality. Poor food quality can cause…

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  • Rainforest Environmental Environment

    plants and animals, but have several products including chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, rubber, medicine, and pineapples. Entering a rainforest is extraordinary in many ways; not seeing the beauty in nature but the rich wildlife found in the rainforest (Learning About Rainforest). The cult of loggers however, are cutting down the rainforest at an illegal matter and organization are working together to stop this deforestation. The nature of the rainforest provides climate regulation, including a…

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  • Informative Speech: Effects Of Climate Change

    Vast number of migrations are taking place because their homes, belongings and/or their land has been destroyed or gone due to extreme weather conditions such as hurricane and floods, droughts and pollution due to global warming. With these migrations comes the problem of a pandemic or epidemic and their lives in…

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  • The Sad Truths Of Climate Change

    beginning to see are the horrific weather disasters causing problems in the world. Climate change creates higher temperatures, which can increase the chances of having weather disasters. Weather disasters include wildfires, droughts, flooding, and hurricanes. According to Randy Lee Loftis, writer for National Geographic, out of the 28 cases of extreme weather in 2014, “14 extreme weather events” were made by humans increasing climate change, which was researched by 32 scientists (Loftis 1). This…

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  • Weather Expansion And The Global Warming Of The Polar Ice Caps

    This will be the result of an increase in temperature, extreme weather events and the melting of the Polar Ice Caps, all of which are caused by global warming (Climatehotmap.org, 2016). The escalated temperatures caused by global warming are melting the Polar Ice Caps and speeding up the process of thermal expansion, both of which are causing a rise in sea levels. This global rise in temperature is causing the destruction of natural resources, destructive weather events, droughts and floods…

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  • Foul Weather Gear Research Paper

    What is a foul weather gear and why you need it? Description: Foul weather gear is the must-have item when you set out for some adventurous activity. It must keep you warm and comfortable. There must not be any water penetration. Can you hear the winds howling and the rain blasting by in horizontal downpour? When the wind is sharp, the sky is grey and the spray is chilled as an ice, all you need is foul weather gear to sail comfortably in the winter weather. Sailing in winter becomes a pleasure…

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  • Essay On Dangers Of Global Warming

    bad when they originally predicted it would destroy the planet" (Jay Leno). For most people, the phrases "global warming" and "climate change" conjure images of damaging flood waters caused by melting polar caps, the scorching sun through a depleted ozone, and destructive 'superstorms ' formed by increasingly inclement weather. Though these grand manifestations of global warming do pose very real and present threats, there is a subtler, more personal danger that climate change is posing to…

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  • Emergency Operations Plan Essay

    Our goal is to protect life, property and ensure an expedited recovery from man-made and natural disasters or emergencies, this allows our community to prepare, plan and mitigate our response. This plan allows for our people who live or visit our community to be protected along with minimizing property damage and community assets. This plan takes into account the community and the Indiana tribes in which we share cohesive relationships with, to reduce hazards that will direct mitigation efforts…

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