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  • Laser Eye Surgery Procedures

    Farsightedness can be treated in various ways. Usually, professionals will recomend you contact lenses or glasses, but there are situations where eye surgeries can also be a successful solution. EYE SURGERIES Even though there are many different surgical interventions which may successfully deal with hyperopia, one of the most trustworthy solutions is laser intervention. It is more popular compared to traditional interventions because of reduced risks of eye damage. It is also preventing from infections if it is properly performed, because none of he used devices enters the eye. Laser eye surgeries mostly last from half an hour to an hour and they don’t require staying in hospital for more than one day – patients are usually free to go soon…

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  • Eye Surgery: A Short Story

    Opening my eyes to a bright light above me, I look around trying to focus my eyes and notice a nurse on the side on my bed, checking my vitals. Noticing my movement, she turns and says, “Rebecca? How are you feeling? Can you see me?” I’m suddenly bombarded with questions asking whether or not I could tell what color things are or how many fingers they were holding up. At first I was confused, wondering how I got there, then I remembered. I had gotten eye surgery. Most people freak out when I…

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  • Case Study: South Carolina Lions Charitable Services

    South Carolina Lions Charitable Services Screenings, Hearing Aids and Eye Surgery South Carolina Lions Charitable Services requests $10,000 to continue the important health programs providing vision, hearing, and health screenings, hearing aids, and eye surgeries to the uninsured residents of South Carolina. South Carolina Lions Charitable Services is dedicated to improving lives by providing vision, hearing and health screenings, and hearing aids and eye surgeries for the uninsured and…

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  • The Leading Cause Of Blindness

    are the leading cause of blindness. Cataract is a disease where the clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque. Through a normal eye, light enters through the lens to the retina. The lens must be clear for the retina to acquire a sharp image. If the lens is cloudy the retina will receive a blurry image resulting in distorted vision. Cataracts are degenerative to the eye as you increase in age. Many people live not knowing they have it unless checked…

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  • Light For The World Essay

    Light for the World is a non-profit international disability and development organization that strives to aid people who have an impediment or disability. They treat disabilities and empower individuals to become active member in society. Light of the World specializes in inclusive education, eye health, prevention of blindness, and community based rehabilitation; through these four concentrations, they aspire to change the world. They are currently engaged with multiple local, national, and…

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  • Animal Experimentation Is Necessary

    anesthesia and suffered the mass amounts of pain while being tested on (Animal). The animals are mistreated in the labs. Once the testing is completed most animals are killed if they survive the testing. The animals are restrained so test can be conducted on them. The animals are often forced fed or even starved. The conditions of the labs are not comfortable for animals. They are often kept in small, crowded cages with not enough room to live. These conditions cause animals to be put through a…

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  • Importance Of Rspca On The Frontline For Animals

    RSPCA on the frontline for animals As a leading authority in animal care and protection, the RSPCA is mobilising the community to help the neglected, abused and unwanted animals. At a mere five weeks old, Felix and Dora were found shivering in a ditch alongside a road in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. A kind couple had spotted them and began slowly approaching the stray kittens. After successfully holding the sibling pair in their arms, they soon noticed there was something strange about…

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  • Essay On Visual Prosthetics

    The Promising Future for Retinal Visual Prosthesis The human eye is a complex organ capable of harnessing light and translating it into a message that the brain uses to create an image. There are many structure in both the eye and the brain that are responsible for creating an image. The structures in the eye function to collect light from the environment, focus it, and transform it into an electrical impulse that the brain can interpret. The first of these structures is the iris. The iris…

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  • Observational Learning Reflection

    sound waves from the radio, my eyes were watching cousin Lynn cook, my nose (olfactory) (cranial nerve 1) was smelling the creamy pasta. I’m pretty sure my hands were on my hips or holding a piece of mozzarella that I was going to…

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  • Eye Melanoma Research Paper

    Eye Melanoma Eye melanoma is a form of cancer that affects the cells that give the eyes their color (pigment). These cells are also found in the skin and hair. Eye melanoma is rare. Melanoma of the skin is much more common. Eye melanoma usually starts in the middle layer of the eyeball (uvea). This part of the eye includes the iris, which is the colored area around the pupil. Healthy eye cells may develop genetic changes (mutations) that cause them to grow out of control in the eye. Eye…

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