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  • Health Care Providers And Facilities Case Study

    1. Describe Explain how patients and consumers find valid and reliable information about health care providers and facilities. There are plenty of websites, some of them are private and some of them are government regulated database. For example, under physician compare tab, can provide valid and reliable information about healthcare providers. is also another source of a database to find information on health care providers. Patients can also check with their state’s medical board, depending on the state. One example of that would be In order to find information about facilities, a patient can log onto to find out. The Leapfrog Group evaluates and reports on the safety…

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  • Health Belief Model Paper

    Health Issue that is affected by a social condition Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the 3rd most common cancer and second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States for both men and women (Steele, et al. 2013). Most colorectal cancers develop slowly over several years from a growth tissue often referred as “polyps” which are benign and non-cancerous in nature. Because of this relatively slow growth, CRC is one of the cancers that can be effectively screened for. A colonoscopy is…

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  • Interpersonal And Cross Cultural Communication Research Paper

    the authors such as Boykins, Anita Davis, Carter and Chandra B. The purpose of this paper is mainly on the Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and their communication in relation to nursing care for different cultures. This paper particularly deals with different skills and abilities and their proper application during health care of nurse leaders. Nursing care is much necessitated with communication, because nurses need to communicate with different cultural groups while giving care to…

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  • Technical Communication

    or the health professions are important to make sure things are done correctly so that we do not have to worry about small misunderstandings that could lead to disastrous results. Bad communication could lead to death in the health profession or a failed business deal. The following websites gives us some insight into the two previously mentioned professions. Although, both website both want to teach us how to…

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  • Military Nursing Leadership Analysis

    Nursing Leadership Plays a Key Role in Military Outpatient Care Leadership can be seen as a simple hierarchy or pecking order with the traditional rank and file structure of the military. It is evident where one stands in this chain of command simply by identifying the emblems adorn upon the individuals chest. However, leadership is not limited to position or rank alone. One’s capacity to influence, assemble, and promote change allows them to provide leadership outside this rigid structure. For…

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  • Jeanne Mance: Nursing Values And Ethics

    and ethics on how to take care of the people. Her determination in taking care of the ill greatly inspires all the nurses to follow her path. She only devotes her life on the patient and the people that need her. It is the reason why Jeanne Mance is important to my program because her beliefs are the main lesson that we strongly uphold up to these days. The nursing program is hard and intense, but it is also inspiring. We learn about the importance of caring, respect and communication for the…

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  • The Importance Of Patient-Centered Knowledge In Nursing

    knowledge core to provision of health care to the patient. In the recent past, practicing nurses have been trained to ensure that they listen, involve and inform the patient about their progress in the care they get in what is now known as patient-centered care. The patient-centered care according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) relates to provision of health care to a patient in a respectful way in a manner that shows that the care responds to patient’s needs, values and preferences…

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  • Family Nurse Practitioner Essay

    Family nurse practitioners are in excellent positions to help improve health and wellness on a daily and regular basis. The long term connection a FNP can make with patients and the level of care he/she can provide is both beneficial and rewarding to the patient. The altitude of knowledge and skill required to provide care for patients across their life span is beyond admirable. It is an honor to have the opportunity to be that provider and to advocate for patients on a much higher level than…

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  • Family Nurse Practitioner

    Role Preparation Paper R. Michael March Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Role Preparation Paper Introduction A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a health professional that specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of patients with a wide age range, from children to the elderly. They are licensed registered nurses with advance academic and clinical training affording them an increased skill set. Nurse practitioners provide both medical and nursing care under their own licenses. As…

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  • Cultural Advocacy Essay

    Advocacy and Its Role in Cultural Diversity Tenia Madison Ohio University Ethical dilemmas may arise when caring for diverse populations. Different cultures have their own beliefs and values that can influence health decisions and behaviors. The purpose of this paper is to examine an ethical dilemma that I have encountered during my practice. Then I will describe the perception of the dilemma by presenting both sides of the issue and any conflicting values and beliefs. Finally, I…

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