Interpersonal And Cross Cultural Communication Research Paper

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An article on “Interpersonal and Cross Cultural Communication for Advance Practice Registered Nurse Leaders” is taken from “The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice.” It is written by the authors such as Boykins, Anita Davis, Carter and Chandra B. The purpose of this paper is mainly on the Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and their communication in relation to nursing care for different cultures. This paper particularly deals with different skills and abilities and their proper application during health care of nurse leaders.
Nursing care is much necessitated with communication, because nurses need to communicate with different cultural groups while giving care to them. There is good number of nursing professionals
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For him only the proper communication will help to exchange information between the source and recipient. Language skill is a must to help the source and recipient for mutually understanding. He observes that linguistics, syntactic (structure), and semantics (meaning) of the language is to be considered with priority in the communication process. The overall purpose of semantics of language is to eradicate every misconceiving in the communication. APRN health care providers realize and incorporate the information when they obtain it from patients through accurate, timely, complete, and clear communication between each other. Accordingly, the APRN health care provider can also communicate appropriately with patients’ families and other health care professionals. Appropriate communication will promote mutual respect and proper decision making. The author quotes about the Paplau’s theory about therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, communication; both verbal and nonverbal communication, and interpersonal techniques. Interpersonal communication skills are much necessary for good therapeutic in nursing. Verbal and nonverbal communication is also necessary to regain the health and well-being of the patient. However, there seems most interactions are nonverbal. Nonverbal communication requires body language, cultural artifacts, sounds, nonverbal signs, personal and social space, touch, appearance and quality of the voice. …show more content…
Therefore, the patient’s notions, terminology, norms, and character are very important so APRN has to be aware about it. The patient’s thinking, decisiveness’s, and activities can be guided by APRN by knowing their way of thinking. However, patients have some other communication problems, which the APRN has to be taken care are proficiency of English language, limited vocabulary, inaccurate pronunciation, unfamiliarity of slang. Some other communication problems include regional dialects which are the personal and psychosocial obstacles. Hence, the nurses have to obtain knowledge about diverse cultures and ethnic groups. Furthermore, the patient’s health-related beliefs and values and world views as

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