Effective Communication In Healthcare

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Effective communication Effective communication is crucial to convey the seriousness of the illness. By establishing an effective communication with the patient and their family can help decrease pain and distress and allow decision making regarding treatment to be done effectively. Effective communication will allow healthcare providers to provide good quality end of life care and to help them with their concerns and questions. Each patient has different communication needs depending on various factors, this need to be considered when planning a patient’s end of life care. Every patient is different and communication needs to be patient specific. In order for a conversation to be communicated effectively, the sender needs to use verbal …show more content…
When healthcare providers use effective communication, it can help healthcare providers to be organized and let things run more efficiently. In health care, cultural differences is one of the most important things to take into consideration when communicating. Every culture has different ways of communicating with others. Some cultures use less personal space and touch when communicating with others. Ensuring effective communication between the patient and healthcare providers will guarantee excellent quality of care and it will enhance the patient’s experience. Implementing weekly meetings will provide the multi-disciplinary team with a joint understanding of the patient’s current nursing, medical, and social needs. The weekly meeting will also allow the healthcare professionals to anticipate any changes in the patient’s treatment and to develop necessary action plans. Effective communication will allow patients and family to ask questions pertaining to their illness and receive honest answers from healthcare providers. The more the patient and their family understand, the easier it will be for them to deal with their illness. Patients, family members, and healthcare providers must work closely together using effective communication to make decisions that best benefit the patient while holding true to the values of the

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