Cross Functional Teams Essay

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When working as a hired consultant for a chief executive officer of a health care organization on how to improve tools and practices to work in teams more efficiently. How to build cross functional teams and work together to improve the decision making process. We are going to identify elements found in an effective health care team. Work on identifying barriers to communications that can happen in groups. Work on identifying communication techniques that can be utilized in avoiding conflicts. Work on ways to improve communication among departments in health care organizations. Work on identifying areas that can be used to avoid recurring conflicts and ways for a leader to work on preventing conflict in a team environment.
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Some of the barriers to communications are the lack of clear goals, fact versus feelings, fighting fair and misunderstandings and misconceptions. A lack of clear goals is when the group does not get a clear set of goals that they can structure their assignments and the interactions between group members around. This can lead to conflict with the group structure when the team doesn 't have a set of certain goals. Another area that can lead to conflict with a group is when the members can 't determine the facts or the feelings of the group when discussing the goals that are discussed in the group setting. Another area of conflict in a group setting is how they deal with tension or difficulties when they arise. The team members will shield themselves against arguments when the group’s environment doesn’t culture an open environment to express their feelings without being put down by the other members of the group. Another area of conflict is when the team has misunderstandings or misconceptions. A misconception is an error that has happened such as when the assignment the team needs to get down is divvied up and a person’s role is not accurately clarified. This can lead to a misunderstanding about the team member’s role in the team. All these barriers to clear communications can lead to conflict in a team setting (Kokemuller, …show more content…
The first thing to remember is try to understand where the source of the conflict is coming from. The small things such as not unloading a full dishwasher is making you frustrated try to figure out what the real source of the conflict is maybe it 's because that employee is not pulling his or her weight on the floor. Another tip to remember when avoiding conflict is to ensure the generational differences are seen as a value to the company and not a burden for the employees. Next as an employer you have to recognize what happens as a result of too much conflict in a team environment. With too much conflict on a team the members could choose to just leave instead of dealing with conflict that is not getting resolved. Before that occurs you as a leader need to watch out for decreased productivity or team members avoiding each other. Being aware of the consequences of conflict means before the conflict becomes an issue you as a leader can deal or resolve the issue. When conflict occurs keep a level head and don 't get emotionally involved and if as a leader you need to apologize and end the conversation and say we will come back to this discussion in a few days when everyone has cooled down. This way an emotionally charged scene was averted and the conflict didn 't go to a point where the respect between the team members is still present. As the leader of the team

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