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  • Patient: Re-Evaluation Of Patients

    REASON CHIEF COMPLAINT: Re-evaluation initiated; however, patient being discharged. S Patient has no showed for the last two weeks of speech therapy. SLP met him at his room today and he stated he did not want to do speech therapy any longer. MD was informed and he was discharged. O Inmate had just received new hearing aids and had demonstrated marked improvements in overall communication ability by just adding the hearing aids. However, staff reports and patient reports that by increasing the overall loudness, he does not tolerate wearing them for very long. Nursing was encouraged to help him put them on for a few hours in the morning, allow him to take them out and put them back on a few hours in the afternoon. He will need some…

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  • Patient Confidentiality

    describes confidentiality as “a duty of confidence: which arises when one person discloses information to another” (p.3). Patients depend on confidentiality amongst their physicians. A physician who offers confidentiality is likely to offer a trusting relationship with their patients. Failure to provide confidentiality may result in the loss of patients to a particular organization Additionally, patient information that ends up in the wrong hands can put patients at risk. Smith (2000) states in…

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  • Patient Vaccination

    new approaches for the improvement of the delivery of medical assistance to the general public. An efficient health care service requires the full participation of the people concerned. However, this ideal is usually not met. When there is weak or no established relationship between a physician and his patient, distance is created and their interactions are limited, which may hinder the development of diagnostic and therapeutic processes. Medical practitioners have found a way to bridge this…

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  • Patient Paternalism

    “the overriding of a person’s actions or decision-making for his own good” versus the concept of patient autonomy which is defined as “a person’s rational capacity for self-governance or self-determination. The two terms in themselves are somewhat paralleled to each other in the sense that they both aim to achieve the same goal but they differ in their belief of what is in the patient’s best interests. This article relates the subject of paternalism to the theory of Utilitarianism, from the…

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  • Patient Satisfaction

    Patient satisfaction is one of the most important things in a hospital setting. It is important in ensuring that patients can come back to the same institution in the future. Additionally, the healthcare institutions are concerned about their reputation through the patients. Whenever patients are satisfied, they are likely to give positive reviews about a particular institution. On the other hand, when they are unsatisfied, they are likely to give negative reviews about the institution they…

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  • Patient Counseling

    Patient counseling is one of the most important responsibilities of a pharmacist, so a correct form of verbal counseling has to be chosen. In the direct/indirect form of verbal communication, the patient counseling should fall in direct form. Direct form is in which the problems or inquires are addressed straightforwardly. While counseling the patients about the medications that they are going to consume, it is essential that they clearly understand the medication and its effect. Although…

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  • Patient Reflection

    Joshua The patient presented for group on time. The patient was dressed according to the season. The patient introduced himself and checked in as a "7." The patient reported being abstinent from all mood-altering substances for two days. Patient disclosed, "I am alright, I am okay.” The patient was asked what was he doing when the flood of 1999 occurred and the patient stated “ I was six-teen years old, the weather was hot and I was angry because I could not find any marijuana.” The patient…

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  • Pediatric Patient

    The Growth and Development of a Pediatric Patient Reason for Hospitalization The patient presented throughout this discussion is a nine-month-old male patient of the pediatric unit. This patient was involved in a car accident in which the car he was in was at a complete stop and rear-ended by a car going 60 miles per hour. Fortunately, the mother of the infant and the infant did not receive life-threatening injuries. However, the events that followed this accident escalated quickly and…

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  • Patient Engagement

    Patient and Carer Engagement The patients and their families are the units who are involved throughout the full continuum of care. The physicians in contrast are involved in intermitted intervals of the patient care. Because the patient and the families are in continuous association with the health and care, recognizing them as a part of health care system is considered a valuable resource of information. They can provide the actual experience and satisfaction of health care that presented to…

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  • Palliative Patients

    one third of all deaths occur in the hospital setting (2011). However, most patients who die in the hospital setting do not receive palliative care (Imhof, Kaskie, & Wyatt, 2007). In their 2007 article “Finding the way to a better death: an evaluation of palliative care referral tools” Imhof, Kaskie and Wyatt assert that palliative care allows patients to experience a good death; a death in which pain and symptoms are better managed, and patients receive the emotional, spiritual and…

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