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  • Why Is Whistleblowing Important

    concern, including who they can approach both in the school and in the local authority In my workplace we are provided with a Whistleblowing Reporting Policy and Procedure which has several stages beginning with an informal disclosure to my line manager or Service Manager or Human Resources. If preferred or if unhappy with the action taken initially the second stage is a formal disclosure either verbally or in writing to the Monitoring Officer - Head of Legal & Democratic Services, Head of Financial Services or the Chief Executive. The whistleblower will be asked if they wish their identity to be disclosed. Details of the disclosure will be considered by the Statutory Officer or his representative, including any recommendations for further…

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  • Discourse Group Analysis: Norfolk Summer Leadership Camp

    The purpose of the camp is to help teens step out of their comfort zones, begin to have more of an open mind, and intact positive change in their communities. Because we are trying to inspire these kids, it is important that all staff members follow certain conventions. In the months leading up to camp and during camp, the tone amongst staff members is informal but informative. When speaking to possible sponsors, the tone is formal and professional. Getting these two mixed up could result in…

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  • Patient Counseling

    right of the patients to know how the consumption of the medication can be risky. In this case, the pharmacist should directly inform the patient about the side effects and the actions that must be taken in case of side effects. Using non-verbal clues and indirect form of verbal communication or not conveying the message clearly, can cause confusion and result in death. Patient counseling should fall on the formal side in formal/informal forms of verbal communication. The Interpersonal…

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  • Examples Of Data Collection And Analysis In Action Research

    psychologist, that created the action research and was the first researchers to develop a model. His model described the process of decision-making that includes analysis, reconnaissance, problem reconceptulization, planning and implementation of social action, and evaluation (McClure, 2002). McClure, 2002, references three types of data collection in his article, interviewing, observation and questionnaires. The interviewing method is fact based where questions are asked and the participants’…

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  • Formal Training

    Dissertation Topic: Formal training is needed for correctional healthcare managers: health services administrators (HSA), director of nurses (DON) and nursing supervisors. Formal training will reduce risk to inmates/patients, improve quality of care, and reduce tax payer financial burden. Problem Statement: Prisoners do have a constitutional right to healthcare, states are legally mandated to make certain that any cost saving measures do not negatively impact the quality of care provided to…

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  • Linguistic Observation

    The greeting that best identifies the scenario is near-boundary occurrence because the greeting mainly occurred at the beginning of the social interaction. The greeting was a combination of formal and informal because the women in her early thirties politely said, “Buenos Dias (Good Morning)” followed by a handshake. Due to the handshake I infer that there is a formal boundary between the family and the women. On the contrary the male in his early thirties greeted the older couple also by saying…

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  • Stage 2 English Pathways Language In The Workplace

    phone call that I had received a job interview for the role of team member. For the interview I had to dress in smart, formal attire and once I had arrived respectful body language was used. For example I greeted the interviewer with a hand shake and a smile then I sat with good posture which showed I was listening intently and cared about what the interviewer had to say. Once the interview had been commenced I responded to the interviewer with formal language and used hand motions to articulate…

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  • Language Reflection

    Because it was my place of work my communication is different from the language I would at school with my friends or at home with my family. At work, slang words would be rarely used and formal and polite language would be the main form of communication. Even though I have a friendly relationship with the workers and some customers, I will relate to them in a polite and formal manner. Person Purpose Type of Interaction Language Used Body Language Surroundings Other Employee A friendly chat,…

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  • Evaluating Current Conditions Of Ali's Kitchen Case Summary

    RECOMMENDATIONS We recommend that the following changes occur in order to increase the revenue and bring in more customers: 1. Decrease the prices to be more reasonable, when compared to other restaurants in the area, especially for main courses. 2. As the restaurant increases in customers then increase the staff needed. 3. Wear uniform, dress shirts with restaurant name, or formal clothing, so that all staff is identified and looks professional. 4. Offer discounts and daily specials. 5.…

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  • The Unwritten Dress Code Of Occasion

    A wedding invitation usually does not express what is to be worn in words. Invitations traditionally indicate the appropriate attire by the time of day and location of the event. An unwritten dress code can have many types of attire associated, informal or formal. It is essential to understand the invitation’s wording and pay attention to the time the wedding will take place, as that will be the guide for the attire. For an afternoon event, acceptable clothes can be colorful and a dress or…

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