Formal methods

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  • Security Life Cycle

    Microsoft adopted the security development lifecycle to help to fight against malicious attacks. The SDL entail and include changing a software development organization 's methods and procedures by incorporating controls that direct and guide to superior software security: the purpose of these modifications is to insert clear and precise security checkpoints and security deliverables (Howard, 2005). This has played a critical part in implanting/inserting security and privacy in the software development process by merging a holistic and practical approach (Gregory, 2003). Security and privacy practices are introduced early on and developed and implemented throughout all phases of the development…

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  • Why Is Whistleblowing Important

    concern, including who they can approach both in the school and in the local authority In my workplace we are provided with a Whistleblowing Reporting Policy and Procedure which has several stages beginning with an informal disclosure to my line manager or Service Manager or Human Resources. If preferred or if unhappy with the action taken initially the second stage is a formal disclosure either verbally or in writing to the Monitoring Officer - Head of Legal & Democratic Services, Head of…

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  • Syntax And Syntax Of Mathematics

    process in analyzed which is used for designing formal specification which has a formal logical base. The paper is more focused on specification than reasoning. The author has categorized the issues he encounters in his teaching career. The…

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  • Discourse Group Analysis: Norfolk Summer Leadership Camp

    The purpose of the camp is to help teens step out of their comfort zones, begin to have more of an open mind, and intact positive change in their communities. Because we are trying to inspire these kids, it is important that all staff members follow certain conventions. In the months leading up to camp and during camp, the tone amongst staff members is informal but informative. When speaking to possible sponsors, the tone is formal and professional. Getting these two mixed up could result in…

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  • Patient Counseling

    right of the patients to know how the consumption of the medication can be risky. In this case, the pharmacist should directly inform the patient about the side effects and the actions that must be taken in case of side effects. Using non-verbal clues and indirect form of verbal communication or not conveying the message clearly, can cause confusion and result in death. Patient counseling should fall on the formal side in formal/informal forms of verbal communication. The Interpersonal…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Role As An Administrative Assistant

    I was employed at a large facility that required that every individual within the facility work together to strive to make sure that the patients and customers of the facility left the facility knowing that they had been well taken care of, to the best of everyone’s ability. I was employed as an Administrative Assistant I in the Supply Chain Management Department in the Shipping and Receiving Department at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. My job was to ensure that orders and…

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  • Language Reflection

    if he would like a drill bit for that particular screw, showing him a range of screws and the method of attaching the drill bit product. I also used body language towards the customer, as he wanted to know where the grinding discs were. During this interaction, I assisted him locate the item by pointing to the particular shelf and…

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  • Bureaucracy

    Max Weber, a German social historian, is considered to be the founding father of bureaucracy and defines bureaucracy as the ideal and rational method of organisation, hence the most efficient way of conducting business. Weber built his model on four factors: functional specialisation, hierarchy of authority, a system of rules and impersonality (Weber, 1947) and formulated the concept of bureaucracy as a response to the inadequacies found in earlier forms of organisational structure. Weber…

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  • Austen, Leigh, Platt And Kaufman's Anatomy Of Performance

    Anatomy of Performance (“AOP”) is a framework for performance improvement that uses needs assessment methods to understand and address the variables that influence organizational performance. AOP was codified as a process in 1990, with the publication of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart by Geary Rummler and Alan Brache. This framework emerged from decades of work by the authors in the Performance Improvement field and the Programmed Instruction…

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  • Linguistic Observation

    The greeting that best identifies the scenario is near-boundary occurrence because the greeting mainly occurred at the beginning of the social interaction. The greeting was a combination of formal and informal because the women in her early thirties politely said, “Buenos Dias (Good Morning)” followed by a handshake. Due to the handshake I infer that there is a formal boundary between the family and the women. On the contrary the male in his early thirties greeted the older couple also by saying…

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