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  • The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner Analysis

    The author may have written a piece of literature that reflects their own message, but readers may define the text in their own way. Formalism gives the author’s readers a chance to make his or hers own connections between literature and his or hers life. Authors often relate their literature to their own life experience. Although reading into a biography of an author hits one limitation of formalism, it helps readers better their understanding of the message in the text. In the poem, “ The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” Randall Jarrell writes, “ I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters/When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.”(5-6). Instantly reading this, readers cannot indicate a clear message or understanding from what is written. Formalism can be used to analyze these lines of a poem. Interpreting a message within this poem may be difficult for readers. Therefore, readers take actions into formalism limitations and look deeper into the author’s life or time period to seek a connection to determine the meaning of his/hers…

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  • Saint Michael The Archangel Analysis

    The Saint Michael is made from ivory. It is sculptured with many carved details engraved into the hair and wings. This particular piece of art can be known as formalism because of its shapes in the art, also because of how its formed and its style. It is very visual and its elements like its texture line and shape tell a historical context of this piece. This piece is very big compared to other Byzantine ivory panels. This piece shows a combination of pagan and Christian traditions, its…

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  • Non Formalism

    Formalists and non-formalists At the outset, it is relevant to point out the philosophical position of Kantian scholars, both formalists and non-formalists which we will intensively examine in this section. However, I do not intend to address whether formalism or non-formalist are espoused in the appropriate scholarship that addresses Kant’s ethics since as noted in Chapter One, Kant introduced both non-formal and formal elements in his writing. Nor do I intend to identify which of these two…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Psychoanalytical Analysis

    The psychoanalytical lens is a way of understanding the human mind and the characters within a story. Many different theories have contributed to psychology, but “most psychological criticism of the last century lands at the doorstep of Sigmund Freud” (Gillespie 1). Freud was the father of a psychoanalysis, helped explain human behavior, and came up with a way to treat mental illnesses. Freud focused much of his ideas on psychic forces having an influence on human behavior (Gillespie 2). He had…

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  • Robert Smithson

    The career of Robert Smithson resists categorization. Although he is arguably best known for Spiral Jetty (1970), his writings, photography, drawings, architectural work, and other earthworks have each played an important role in art history, particularly since his 1973 death in an airplane crash while photographing his earthwork Amarillo Ramp. The inability to easily define and understand the work of Robert Smithson extends, on a smaller scale, to the complexities of some of his individual…

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  • Formalism Or Conformist Criticism?

    would be doing is a process called formalism or formalist criticism. Formalism is a style of analysis that focuses solely on literary text itself, without any thought of biographical, historical, or political backgrounds. Formalists do not want to look at the history…

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  • Art Vs Formalism

    So I believe that formalism is also the purpose of art. An artist take a piece of paper and draws a fancy circle. Another artist draws a fancy circle that is similar to the original art. People would compare the drawing and would more like call the original piece a work of art than the second one. The second one would just be a copy. I believe original pieces of art is what makes it art. If one hundred people writes the same or similar thing would it classified as original? The point of…

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  • Notes On The New Formalism Analysis

    New Formalism- - otherwise called "Far reaching" verse - is a beautiful development, which rose in the mid-1980s. It started in light of the common perspective that free verse and confession booth verse ought to be the selective space of present day artists, and that organized verse is totally devised, elitist, and conservative. It has recognized that Dana Gioia's 1987 article "Notes on the New Formalism" both instituted the expression "New Formalist" for the creating school of writers and…

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  • Formalism In Kate Chopin's The Storm

    The Formalist Approach Formalism is a type of criticism that allows a reader to review a certain text or piece of literature but you only focus on the literary elements throughout the piece such as: diction, irony, metaphors, symbolism, paradoxes, etc. But like all approaches to literature or anything in life, there are pros and cons. Some good things about formalism is that it gives you an idea of the author’s intent, helps the reader understand figurative language, literary devices, and more…

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  • Examples Of Post Formalism

    My post-formalist period: Learning about history through literature and philosophy As I posited in my theory critique, post-formalism describes a process of drawing upon one’s personal experience, and combining it with knowledge acquisition in order to make sense of the world and one’s place in it. In this scenario, the teacher takes on the role of facilitator – one who is responsible for providing the opportunity to arrive at that crossroads. This is how I came to gain a more nuanced…

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