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  • The Value Of College Life

    person and loved to meet and talk to new people. The day that I graduated I was so happy to get out of my small town and take charge of this new challenge called college. When I was growing up, my mother always told my brother and I that we are going to go to college to get a degree for the job of our dreams and live a happy life with our own families. I have always thought that college is not a waste of time because that is where you are going to figure out what you are going to do with your life. College is so important because you get to plan your life the exact way you want it to and make your dreams come true. The college that I chose to attend was Fort Hays State University [FHSU]. I have always heard great things about this University and I thought that the smaller college lifestyle suited me more than a large university. The other reason why I chose to attend [FHSU] is that I am running on the track & field team. I always thought that college was going to be an easy adjustment for me, but I was truly wrong. The first month of my college experience has been very hard on me. I was always stressing out about classes, hate living in the dorms, and homesickness was kicking my butt. I now look back at some of my high school classmates that chose not to go to college and think how sad they seem regarding their post high school life. The real question is college a waste of four years of your life? My personal answer is no because college is the gateway to becoming the…

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  • Miscommunication Narrative

    The day began with the news that we may need to postpone my move to Baton Rouge. The rain was torrential, and the roads were flooded. People were losing their homes and even their lives. This was a devastation that had not been seen since Hurricane Katrina or Rita. But from what we were seeing the devastation seemed almost worst in Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities. A day that was a fresh start for me was the worst day for entire families. This day had been planned for months, I had…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In My Class

    have designed a plan to allow myself to focus on school. By taking 14 credit hours I will eliminate my problem of dropping classes. By not working a job during the school year I am giving myself more time to keep up with my classes to eliminate myself from failing any more of my courses. Since I have reduced my schedule to a reasonable amount of hours I believe that I will be able to have a successful school year. I believe the plan listed shows a reasonable solution to fix the given problem. I…

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  • Why I Chose To Be Essay

    Becoming Who I am Supposed to Be As a student at Sonoma State University, I decided to declare my major in human development because it covers a broad range of subjects like psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Then, at the end of my junior year in college, I decided to declare a minor in early childhood studies. To complete the early childhood studies minor, I have taken classes that teach concepts such as child development and how to assess the different behavioral patterns and the stages…

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  • Hug Machine Essay

    Considered the most influential Autism speaker and humane animal treatment activist in the world, Dr. Temple Grandin has changed the face of slaughter house designs and functions immensely throughout the United States.…

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  • Post War Memory

    Kent State/May 4 and Postwar Memory Article Review In this article, the author analyzes and discusses the effects of the May 4, 1970 Kent State shooting and war as well as the monuments and the varying views on the memories. Additionally, this article includes background of the May 4 incident and both the official and the rejected monuments in Kent State. Kent State/May 4 and Postwar Memory is written by John Fitzgerald O 'Hara. Fitzgerald O’Hara is a professor at John Hopkins University.…

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  • Nurse Personal Statement

    start my dream and journey of becoming a nurse. I graduated from Northwest High School in the spring of 1997, one month before my eighteenth birthday. I was married and had a 16-month old beautiful baby girl. There were many sleepless nights with juggling the responsibilities of being a wife, mother and a student. Looking back, I’m still dumbfounded on how I managed to function on a daily basis. The look of exhaustion wreaked havoc on my face, but I was oblivious to it. The determination…

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  • Reflection On The Transition From High School To Idaho State University

    The transition from high school to college, Idaho State University, was a much greater experience than I was expecting. Changing environments from a small town, Mackay Idaho, with only five hundred people to a city with thousands of people was a completely different adventure. The transition was a huge experience for me because of the change in the environment, people, and school. I had much more experiences to see and do. When I arrived at Pocatello the environment changed completely from…

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  • Morgan State Migration

    1700 East Cold Spring Lane. This address resonates in the hearts of many people from alumni, students, and community residents. This address is home, work, play, culture and most importantly history. This is Morgan State University. Morgan State severs as a pillar of urban society in Baltimore. Morgan State University needs the kind of geography that preserves history yet enables growth. This environment will ensure a supportive atmosphere that promotes student success, enhances prestige…

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  • Starlito And Tupac Comparison

    Have you ever seen Tupac with dreads? I bet you didn’t even know Christopher Wallace is still alive! Jermaine Eric, better known as Starlito, isn’t the exact image of Tupac but their music display similarities. Biggie Smalls isn’t the artist that I’m referring to when I say Christopher Wallace, but the artist I’m referring to is Don Trip. Starlito was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but later moved to Nashville where he attended college at Tennessee State University. He released his first mixtape,…

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