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  • The Importance Of Language In 'Decolonizing The Mind'

    because of this transformation. The author wants the audience to feel compassion of the students that were obligated to feel ashamed of their origins. This article has a nostalgic tone, because of how his childhood experience had a positive effect on his life while it lasted. His argument is effective because the audience can relate to a similar situation by appealing emotions. He also discuss the cause and effect of the English colonization; “I remember one boy in my class… who had distinctions in all subjects except English, which he failed… He went on to become a turn boy in a bus company” (999). Even though the boy was an excellent student, he could not continue his studies because of the English exam, which became the main test and formal language in Kenya. Thiong’o displays an interesting argument that provides reasonable explanation for how language and culture is affected by colonization. This has been a real world issue for all those countries that have been colonized and for those whom immigrate to other countries and they have to adapt their culture and sometimes their language. In this argument, the premises that he builds on the negative effects of colonization are fully supported here. The strength of this argument lies in the abundance of personal experience, specific evidence and emotional appeals.…

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  • The Shifting Meanings Of Our Evolving Modern Language

    explains that a word is not something that is, but rather a process. An inevitable process of morphing. He says: "language is something that always change. It is not that it will change in a way that it will have new words for new things, and new words coming from other language only. But, even the boring vanilla part of the language is always morphing." Some old words have a different meaning now. In addition, new words came to use and became part of our everyday 's words like (tweeting,…

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  • Discourse Group Analysis: Norfolk Summer Leadership Camp

    The purpose of the camp is to help teens step out of their comfort zones, begin to have more of an open mind, and intact positive change in their communities. Because we are trying to inspire these kids, it is important that all staff members follow certain conventions. In the months leading up to camp and during camp, the tone amongst staff members is informal but informative. When speaking to possible sponsors, the tone is formal and professional. Getting these two mixed up could result in…

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  • Language Reflection

    Because it was my place of work my communication is different from the language I would at school with my friends or at home with my family. At work, slang words would be rarely used and formal and polite language would be the main form of communication. Even though I have a friendly relationship with the workers and some customers, I will relate to them in a polite and formal manner. Person Purpose Type of Interaction Language Used Body Language Surroundings Other Employee A friendly chat,…

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  • Style Of English Language Essay

    It is mostly used for “scholarly or technical writing for experts” (193). Formal sentences tend to be “relatively long and involved” because of how precise and descriptive the material being covered may be (193). In addition the sentences use “extensive vocabulary” accommodated by grammatical accuracy, with little to no fragments (193). Furthermore the tone of formal passages is “always serious attitude toward an important subject” (193). The paragraph below gives an example of how formal…

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  • Why Is Whistleblowing Important

    concern, including who they can approach both in the school and in the local authority In my workplace we are provided with a Whistleblowing Reporting Policy and Procedure which has several stages beginning with an informal disclosure to my line manager or Service Manager or Human Resources. If preferred or if unhappy with the action taken initially the second stage is a formal disclosure either verbally or in writing to the Monitoring Officer - Head of Legal & Democratic Services, Head of…

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  • Patient Counseling

    right of the patients to know how the consumption of the medication can be risky. In this case, the pharmacist should directly inform the patient about the side effects and the actions that must be taken in case of side effects. Using non-verbal clues and indirect form of verbal communication or not conveying the message clearly, can cause confusion and result in death. Patient counseling should fall on the formal side in formal/informal forms of verbal communication. The Interpersonal…

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  • The Ride Back In Time Analysis

    The advertisement does present the ideal image of how the adults should push themselves to become successful. By having Nas deliver his voiceover in a formal tone in the advertisement, it gave the audience something that they would appreciate. With that being said, the formal tone was determined when viewing the advertisement because the phrase “the ride” refers to a train, having Nas traveling on the train, he is surrounded by professional adults, making a connection that people tend to dress…

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  • English 100 Reflective Essay

    In English 100, peer reviewing rough draft essays has been a helpful process that has helped me improve in my writing. I used peer reviewing as a tool to make the necessary corrections that were needed in one of my essays. The comments and grammar suggestions from my peers have been useful to make modifications in my writing. For example, when I received a graded paper back, I read over the peer review comments and used what was needed to make the Essay stronger. If a comment stated to include…

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  • What's Right Or Wrong About Language

    ” It is an academic article. Finegan explains that 1.what is “correct” Language, 2.Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Grammar, 3.Who’s Right? In re-writting the whole thing of Finegan’s article as some Tweets, I try my best to make it shorter and more informal. They have a lot different, like language choices, organization and formatting. In the original article, Finegan uses a lot of long sentences, it is really normal in the academic writing. I noticed that, the sentences from the article has many…

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