The Ride Back In Time Analysis

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The Ride Back in Time
Advertising, what is the purpose of it? Companies produce advertisements especially on television not only because they want to get the messaged that’s being delivered out there but also to advise products or services to the target audiences. With the adverting, companies can user their strategy to generate branding loyalty. Hennessey, a successful cognac house with headquarters in Cognac, France. Hennessy collaborated with a campaign that has appealing called “Wild Rabbit”, that not focus on the Hennessy product but mainly focus on pushing the limits. The campaign ads generally feature male celebrities that basically have a story or images of their past. Overall, Hennessy advertisement campaign uses pathos. According
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The advertisement does present the ideal image of how the adults should push themselves to become successful. By having Nas deliver his voiceover in a formal tone in the advertisement, it gave the audience something that they would appreciate. With that being said, the formal tone was determined when viewing the advertisement because the phrase “the ride” refers to a train, having Nas traveling on the train, he is surrounded by professional adults, making a connection that people tend to dress formal travel by train to get to business events and also it wouldn’t make sense to have Nas deliver his tone in an informal tone. According to the website Distilled from the text “Finding Your Brand’s Voice – How to Shape a Tone of Voice”, “Formal language can convey a sense of professionalism as well as the qualities of being authoritative and respectful.” (Cummings). In addition to the nostalgia emotional appeal, the sound in the background is again the instrumental of “N.Y. State of Mind”, a melancholy tone it could be a rhythm and blues instrumental. According to Ebscohost for the Full Sail University students from the text “Music and Melancholy”, “If melancholy is the condition of music, then music of any period,

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