English 100 Reflective Essay

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In English 100, peer reviewing rough draft essays has been a helpful process that has helped me improve in my writing. I used peer reviewing as a tool to make the necessary corrections that were needed in one of my essays. The comments and grammar suggestions from my peers have been useful to make modifications in my writing. For example, when I received a graded paper back, I read over the peer review comments and used what was needed to make the Essay stronger. If a comment stated to include more information in the conclusion, then I went over my conclusion and added more sentences with supporting details. Journals assigned by the professor have also been helpful to improve my writing skills. The journals were a way for me to brainstorm about …show more content…
Although this is true, I believe that my writing is definitely getting stronger. The use of proper grammar, formal language, complex sentences, and sophisticated vocabulary are some of the main skills I developed that have made my writing stronger. In addition, I have learned how to develop a strong thesis by providing a clear and specific argument that goes beyond a simple restatement of the subject, serving as a guide for the readers to know what to expect from my essay. Contributions I have made to my class were in discussions about the Alice Adventures in Wonderland readings. When going over a theme in class, I provided my opinions or thoughts on that theme and related it to life situations. I have also made contributions in class when working in groups to complete an assignment. For example, in the beginning of the class, I contributed my ideas when working on ad assignment. As a group, we chose an ad from a magazine and had to break down the criteria in the ad. I was able to provide the group with the necessary criteria information to describe the ad and also its

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